Explore the prominent benefits of feather flags to bolster and promote your business

With digital and social media crawling into every advertising campaign these days, not many folks opt for traditional marketing tools and techniques. However, one promotional tool that ceases to lose popularity due to its marketing potential and other stellar features, is feather flags.

  • The fluttering and neat flags are ideal for promoting a brand, business, and special events like openings, hosting concerts, trade or car shows, open houses, company anniversaries, product launches, parades, and basically any indoor or outdoor event.
  • They are mighty effective at luring people because they wave and flutter against the wind and you can custom print them according to your specifications.
  • The 24/7 advertisement and brand exposure are unbeatable. Additionally, feather flags don’t expire or lose their validity after a while, which won’t get from digital marketing tools that thrive on the current network, but later vanishes as some other digital copy gobbles it up.
  • These flags are cheap. Compare them with advert rates, these flags are not only inexpensive, but they ensure longevity and life. They also take minimal space and it’s easy to assemble them.
  • They are generally around 2.5 feet wide. You can conveniently place them in small spaces.

Know the advantages

Increased visibility is one of the most prominent advantages of feather flags. When you place them in front of commercial storefronts, businesses, and other high-traffic spaces, feather flags can grab passerby’s attention and drive potential customers to your business.

  • It gives that extra push or nudge to your visitors to come to the shop and buy from you. A single banner flag would suffice, but multiple feather flags are much more effective.
  • They have simple transportation as well. It’s incredibly easy to move them from one place to another. Both the actual flag and hardware are lightweight.
  • You also have the deluxe feather flags that feature canvas. They bolster the transportation of displays.
  • There are premier companies that use cutting-edge due and sublimation printing tools. The UV-resistant and thick ink makes your flag eye-catching and vibrant.
  • They are resistant to solar fading and water damage.
  • Additionally, you can extend the artwork onto the sleeve, making a seamless blending of the mirrored back display and front image.
  • The companies also provide color matching for an extra $40 for each flag.

The myriad style options

Feather flags have numerous base style options that support various uses. Number one is ground stakes. These flags often carry flagpoles with strong stakes to push them into the ground. Simplicity is the main advantage of stakes. You just have to stick the flag to the ground, securing it and making it ready for use.

  • Augur stakes seamlessly screw into the ground instead of just sliding in. the robust construction adds another layer of firmness to ensure a secure anchoring of your feather flag.
  • The stackable bases are very convenient as you can stack them on each other. It allows you to change the feather flag’s height by eliminating or adding a base.

You make them from sturdy, durable plastic to hold the product securely.


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