Exploring the Local Culture of Texas

Perhaps you find cowboy boots insufferable. You’re terrified of horses, and are still unclear about the definition of ‘boot scoot.’ 

Fear not.

Texas may have a reputation that precedes it, however, the more time you spend here, the more surprises you uncover. Like most things, there’s way more here than just the stereotype.

Texas: Some of what you heard is true

From BBQ aplenty (where smoked meats are legendary!) to Buc-ee’s, a truck stop so large it’s become a destination unto itself. Some things are so very Texas – there’s no problem in getting caught up in the buzz and checking them out for yourself. 

Especially when it comes to food. Culinary enthusiasts delight in exploring local fare, and the foodie culture in Texas is so hot, it’s sizzling.

Texas is home to both prominent cities, and rural areas that roll into tranquil farmland. Iconic Texas Longhorn graze, and crops such as cotton and corn flourish.

The countryside boasts plenty of recreation sites perfect for birding, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and mudding

Texas’ main export is oil and gas. Followed closely by petroleum products, chemicals, tech and computer related electronics, and transportation equipment.

To call Texas huge is an understatement. 

To give you a better idea of local Texas culture, we’re going to zoom in and offer a peek into three of the major cities.

Whether there’s something particular you want to enjoy, or if you’re here for it all. The Lone Star State is thrilled to have you. 


You’ve probably heard its slogan, which has been going strong for over 23 years now. The sentence was first uttered by Red Wassenich when he donated money to a local radio show. When he was asked why he donated, his answer was, “I don’t know. It helps keep Austin weird.”


The locals – Austinites – share the same warmth and friendliness that is customary for Texans.

Dubbed “the place young people go to retire,” the capitol of Texas is cool. It’s bursting with startups, incredible restaurants, food trucks, bars and gourmet coffee shops, boutiques and artisan shops galore.

Getting a taste of the local culture is a feast for the senses.  

Austin has a thriving art and music scene – with over 100 music venues there’s more than just country music – but you get that too. Swing by the Broken Spoke (a historic dancehall) for an up close and personal boot scoot encounter.

For those interested in getting a deep dive immersion into Texas history, a visit to the Bullock Museum will get you up to speed.

Budding artists, photographers and writers take note: Austin has a flourishing creative community. It’s a very walkable city with well-maintained tree-lined streets that even have bike lanes.  

For those relocating to Texas, or staying in Austin for a month or more, Austin has a variety of short-term housing options worth checking out, and can make staying in Austin (the most expensive city in Texas) more affordable.


As the city’s website claims, Houston “exudes a down-home cosmopolitan vibe” despite being the largest city in Texas. The Buffalo Bayou flows through the city, and a bike path and stretch of greenery run parallel to it, winding through parks and under cottonwood and cypress trees.

Meander through museums and galleries, and spend a few hours pretending you’re an astronaut at NASA’s Space Center Houston. Then, swing by John Milkovisch’s 1960s brainchild – a beer can house in historic Rice Village (aka the Village). This iconic spot is exactly what it sounds like.

Texans love their food, and Houston serves some of the best. As a multicultural city, residents and visitors alike are treated to a variety of cuisines, including the always delectable Tex-Mex.

Boasting a variety of open aired bars dubbed “Ice Houses,” Houston has a chill laid back vibe, and warmly welcomes guests.


Some may be surprised to learn that Dallas is home to the nation’s largest arts district. Showcasing a whopping 19 blocks of galleries, venues, and museums, Dallas surpasses both New York and LA.

Less surprising: the first professional cheerleading team emerged in Dallas – which makes sense considering the notoriety of the Dallas Cowboys.

In Texas tradition, Dallas loves food. In fact, German chocolate cake was whipped together in Dallas by Samuel German.

Dallas blends urban shopping, cultural, and dining experiences seamlessly with parks – such as the delightful botanical garden the Dallas Arboretum – and takes full advantage of the greenery and nature around the Trinity River, which flows through the city.

Like the rest of Texas, Dallas folk are friendly and approachable


Of course, the best way to immerse yourself into the culture here is to come visit – experience it for yourself. 

There’s more than a lifetime of things to see and do here. With a collection of some of the biggest cities in the United States, Texas has exactly what you’re looking for – and more. Way more.

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