Fantasy Sports: An Allure And Strategy Within A Match

The advent and proliferation of fantasy sports in India is a testament to how significantly India has evolved in developing sports in the technology sector over the years. It has successfully helped the nation grow under the slogan of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, and it has also contributed to expanding the digital footprint of fantasy sports platforms. Currently, India is the largest market for fantasy sports users, with almost more than thirteen crores of registered users of fantasy apps. What’s more interesting is that the obsession is not limited to Fantasy cricket but has also reached other sporting events such as football and Kabaddi.

Factors that led to the growth of fantasy sports in India:

These applications have brought fans in droves who leave no stone unturned in showing their dedication and love to their favorite sports, thereby contributing to the million-dollar business industry. This was not achieved overnight, but a culmination of a series of events has set the perfect backdrop for this gaming industry to thrive.

  1. Technology-driven environment: 

The availability of low-cost internet and the prevalence of smartphones all over the nation has helped the maximum number of youths gain the nitty gritty of such gaming technology. Nowadays, using smartphones to make active and passive income is the fastest-moving trend. Some sports enthusiasts use fantasy sports to engage positively in their beloved sports and earn income from them. This is a total win-win investment for these players.

  1. The industry’s changing trend: 

What was originally introduced as the concept of fantasy sports was limited to bidding for the favorite players and being the mute spectator. At the same time, they win big or lose some. However, with the innovation of new features and functionalities presented in the virtual arena of fantasy gaming apps, contestants can do so much more. They can use their strategic mindset and analytical skills to manage the decision-making process of their virtual team and participate indirectly in the process of execution.

  1. Promotion of sports culture: 

The format of fantasy gaming has garnered the viewership of fans ranging from cricket, football, Kabaddi, hockey, women’s football, and other sports. This has increased the appetite for sports content among viewers who otherwise would remain uninterested and unaware of most of these tournaments. This is a boon for the country’s sports federation that youth is now more involved in the sporting events they organize worldwide.

  1. Increased scope of employment: 

Million dollar fantasy gaming industry requires experts and technologists to meet the ever-increasing user demands. Experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Data analysis will be required in abundance for future-ready jobs.  

  1. Self-regulatory practices: 

With all the rapid growth and development, the fantasy sports industry’s primary goal is to uplift sports culture in society under the regime of good governance. For this reason, they are undertaking initiatives to support athletes nationwide through various means, and there is also an adaptation of strict ethical practices among the industry members. Fantasy sports operators are closely correlating with Niti Aayog to ensure sustainable growth without compromising on the principle values of Indian morality. 

Although there has been a long debate on whether fantasy sports is a sport of luck or skill, the reasoning behind few states being skeptical in allowing it to be played however, it is simply a digital space of competitive sports that encourages the potential players to try their skills in their favorite sports. 

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