Fascinating Cheap VPS Hosting UK Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Launching your own website is exciting but there are daunting tasks waiting for your such as where to start with. Often new website owners go for a shared web hosting plan in order to save some money. Whereas, these individuals don’t know that by spending a little more amount they will have more efficient web hosting services for their newly started website. It is the service that comes packed with all tools you need to offer a seamless user experience.

Cheap VPS hosting UK is the solution to your problems allowing you to eliminate the problems you face with shared web hosting. In addition, you don’t have to be a technical expert in order to set up your VPS web hosting services for your website.

Let’s see how Fascinating Cheap VPS Hosting UK Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow 

Shared vs VPS Hosting 

Shared hosting is an affordable service enabling you to host a newly started website. Here your cost is actually divided by the other users as well. It means the server you are using to host your website is also used by other individuals. Usually, you can expect to spend a few dollars for buying a shared hosting service.

While there are several disadvantages to having a shared hosting plan making it inappropriate for your online business. Especially when it comes to driving heavy traffic to your website. Let’s take an example of shared hosting to help you understand more about it

Think of a building where you are living in an apartment and the entire building has one electricity meter. In case the light trips down your apartment will also suffer in such case. Similarly, when using a shared server if any of the websites get hacked or face any technical fault. The entire server will be shut down and your site will face downtime as well.

On the other hand, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting allows multiple websites on a single server using virtualization technology. Although there will be a single server every website will be isolated from others. In case any website gets technical problems there will be no impact on your business. 

VPS hosting allows you total control over the resources such as Disk storage Bandwidth and space. In addition, you are free to change any configuration and install applications according to your business requirements. Best VPS hosting UK is just like having your own machine without paying for the entire setup.

What confuses people while buying VPS hosting is there are two types of VPS hosting plans such as managed and self-managed VPS hosting. In self-managed hosting, your provider will give you root access and you have to configure the whole setup yourself. Often newbies find it a bit challenging as they lack proper technical knowledge and expertise.

Another type is managed VPS hosting service where the providers will set up the entire system and give you access to enjoy all the benefits. These service providers have a team of skilled experts who help you in the initial setup.

Why VPS is a Great Option for Businesses

VPS plays an important role in server choice for online businesses. If we go back in the past an individual had only two options for their website which include shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Cheap VPS Hosting offers various benefits to your business which we are going to explain below in the detail.

Low Cost 

As mentioned, a startup business goes for shared hosting as it has small traffic. Shared hosting plans are very cost-effective for the initial levels. With the passage of time, your website will experience growth and you need more resources to accommodate the increasing traffic. A shared plan requires you to share the server with other users which can cause a slow response to your website.

In case you buy a dedicated hosting plan you have to pay a huge amount. VPS hosting solution is the suitable option in this regard. The plans are very budget-friendly and allow you complete ownership over all the resources. Although the server remains shared with other users, however, every individual is given dedicated resources. An affordable VPS from the best-managed VPS hosting provider ensures the investment in a server is lesser than would be for a dedicated server to maintain and manage.

Absolute Control 

Amongst its several benefits total control is a key advantage for anyone wanting to run the business as per his requirements. For instance, if you are running a website you would want to offer 24/7 services. In the case of shared hosting if the server shuts down because of any reason your website will face the consequences as well.

When you are using a VPS hosting plan there will be no problem with your website even if an issue arises on other sites using the same server. Which allows you total control over your business resulting in rapid growth.


You should make sure while buying a Cheap VPS Hosting UK that it offers tight security. These days technology is booming and bringing new ways to boost your website traffic. On the other hand, hackers are also using the technology to attack businesses and ask for money in return of access. If your site experiences any attack and steals the information you might suffer a huge loss.

A business will no longer be able to maintain its reputation when it loses control over the data. As a result, it will lose its credibility and buried deep on the 100th page of google. Contrary to that a website having security measures will be capable of serving such deadly attacks. The solid security base will also improve its image in the market. 

A shared hosting plan does not allow you the full proof of secure infrastructure as the server is shared and it can cause problems. VPS hosting service is a wise option in this regard offering appropriate security to your website.  These hosting providers have skilled individuals who keep on updating the server to ensure you are running the latest version.

Moreover, they also allow you to install the best anti-virus software and firewalls to ensure that your site is protected from unwanted attacks. Another tip for securing your website is changing the passwords on regular basis. A strong password that keeps on changing is hard for hackers to crack easily.

Cybercriminals and fraudsters try to unlock login credentials and gain access to the server. Disabling the password from the “root” username increases your security protocol and the cyberattacks will not be able to access your login details. Therefore, creating another username to execute root-level instructions is recommended.

Outstanding Support 

Cheap VPS Hosting UK should offer instant technical support when required. We are living in the era of modern technology where customers demand rapid response. Suppose a customer lands on your page and it goes down because of any reason. He will not wait for a second and move on to another page.

A VPS hosting plan should offer outstanding technical support services to ensure that you won’t be alone in case of any technical issue. Moreover, these days VPS providers also ensure 24/7 support to their users. When your site is free of errors such as slow-loading pages and less downtime the user would like to spend more time here. As a result, your ranking will be improved and Google will bring you on top. Google brings any site on the first page which is liked by the customers and they feel comfortable with it.


Budget is undoubtedly an important factor while starting your business. You have to allocate the cost to every corner of your business. The same goes for the hosting plan.  Here you need to be very careful while making a decision regarding your web hosting plan. When you initiate a business, you can go for a shared hosting plan.

While your business might experience a sudden growth where you need to increase sources and a shared server might impact your growth. A VPS hosting plan is a cost-effective alternative to shared and dedicated hosting services.  Here you will get dedicated resources and the facility to increase them in order to meet your business needs.

Another important decision related to price is the difference between managed and unmanaged services. Although an unmanaged service is very cheap as compared to managed services. Whereas it requires a piece of great technical knowledge and expertise to deal with unmanaged web hosting plans. Therefore, first, you have to find out what type of hosting service you are going to need for your website.

You should remember that an expensive one is not always the better for you. Investing your money on less CPU RAM but more feature sounds like an interesting idea. The more feature your hosting plan has the improved performance you will get from your site. As a result, the smooth response will offer a seamless user experience to the customers and you will enjoy higher rankings in google.

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