Features to look for in a vacuum cleaner when buying 

Almost everything works in tandem with its cleaning tools. For instance, a shoe has to go hand in hand with a cleaning brush and a dye. In the same way, a vacuum requires a vacuum cleaner to ensure efficient cleaning. Various models of vacuum cleaners continue to flood the market day in and day out.


Do you own a vacuum cleaner? If no, are you satisfied with the cleaning equipment you use for your vacuums? Well, even if anybody were to deny it, a vacuum cleaner will always work the best compared to its alternative products. Here is a clear guideline on how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

Your requirements

As a potential buyer, you will always have a set of requirements for the vacuum cleaner you need, including your financial budget. Note that we have various models on the market, all working to achieve the same purpose. Therefore, without the specifications of the vacuum cleaner you need, you may end up purchasing an unintended one. If you do not have specifications, try renting it out for a few days before buying it.

Simplicity and maintenance 

Is the vacuum cleaner simple to use? Ideally, it would be best to purchase one that is easy to handle. How much does the maintenance cost? A vacuum cleaner is never an asset unless you use it for rental purposes, in which case it should have the minimum maintenance cost possible.


Efficiency is the most outstanding feature that one would wish to have in their product. Considering the vacuum cleaner price Kenya, it would be embarrassing to get a defective cleaner. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner should produce the best results to satisfy you as the user. Does the cleaner remove all the dirt?


Does the vacuum cleaner have a dirtbag? A small dirtbag is enough so that a foul smell doesn’t emanate from the accumulation of dirt in the vacuum dirt bin. Generally, a one-liter bag is enough. Note that both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners have pros and cons.

vacuum’s nature

Is the vacuum dry or wet? We have a dry vacuum cleaner and a dry vacuum cleaner for both vacuums. If you use a wet cleaner on a dry vacuum, you have to clean and dry the vacuum before its subsequent use. Ideally, one should get the vacuum cleaner that is best concerning the nature of the vacuum to be cleaned.

The weight of the cleaner

The more the weight, the greater the force you will push the cleaner while washing. Most of the vacuum cleaners will be resting their weight on the ground. The weight should be portable if one decides to carry the cleaner around.

Noise levels and air filtration

Your vacuum cleaner should have filters to curb the risk of dust allergies. An ideal vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be a barrier to communication at work concerning its noise. Note that the suction strength affects the vacuum cleaner’s noise. Advisably, lowering the suction strength will reduce the vacuum cleaner’s noise.


This article presents various factors you need to consider before choosing a vacuum cleaner. Apart from the above, surf the net and know the vacuum cleaners with the highest ratings.

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