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Today, when trading has become so much common, the best way of trading is through broker companies. top step trader is a USA based company. It is an international company that has been providing services since 2012. It offers trading systems for people all over the world. Top step trader used ECN broken equity capital for the real accounts. It is an efficient platform of the traders all over the world to buy and sell effectively.

  • What kind of services do top step trader provide?

Found in 2012, top step trader is an effective broker for the traders who want to enhance their skills. The company cooperates with the clients irrespective of trading experience and takes into account the results of trading on a simulation account.

Top step trader uses AUD, CAD, COP, GBP, JPY, EUR, MXN, and USD as account currency. A minimum of 1$ is required for the account opening. The instruments used are the futures of CME Group: for stocks, commodities, bonds, and metals. The broker closes all open positions automatically on Friday. Its regulator is FCA. The leverage is 1:100 with 8/5 support provided. Traders also receive a onetime 20% discount on first monthly payment on using a simulation account bonus from Traders Union.

Being an international broker company, the geographical distribution shows that 48.5% of the topstep traders are in USA. 14.6% in Canada, 1.6% in Australia, 1% in Morocco, 0.1% in Thailand and 24.3% in other countries.

  • What is the uniqueness of top step trade?

Topstep is a unique trading platform. It aims to cooperate with the day traders who already have some kind of knowledge about trading currency pairs and futures. Moreover, experience is not required, any user can open a trading platform. The uniqueness of topstep is that you don’t immediately open a real account. You have to pass the two stage trial period. If both steps are successful, a real funded account is opened for you. The traders task is to show consistently high trading results and get income.

Topstep provides services for those traders who prefer independent capital management and who seek profits by making transactions within a single trading day. There are no conditions for investing, passive income, or using copy services in the company.

  • What are the pros and cons of topstep trader?

Real trading accounts are financed by a broker, there is no need to invest your funds in trading. The company also provides a wide range of free training materials including free group coaching. You can contact the support team using several convenient methods. The broker also offers a referral program for extra income. 

Besides the benefits, it has some drawbacks as well. The company does not offer bonuses, automated trading, or other passive income options. The support service works only on week days during set hours.

Overall, topstep is an effective broker for traders who wish to improve their skills but there are a lot better broker companies than this out there.


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