Five best movie reviews websites and podcasts

Today all of us have different reasons when it’s about going through the movie reviews. This is because all of us have different interests and passions for the movies. Some people look up reviews before watching that particular movie to check if it’s worth watching, while others use these reviews to discuss after they have seen a movie.

It takes a lot of time to watch a movie; therefore, you want to ensure that the time you invested is not wasted. Moreover, you also like to have an idea of how a movie is going to be.

We have prepared a list of all the best options to go for the movie reviews for these and several other reasons. Be it listening to thoughts on a podcast or reading it online, and we have it ready for you. Video marketing is so effective that major brands are finding ways to buy TikTok views for video content on TikTok, because of its potential to increase brand awareness.

Let’s have a look

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is everyone’s go-to option to check the quick rating and low-done on movies that are showed by the theatres and are for movies to rent. This option is incredible if you are already familiar with their ratings and want a particular opinion or consensus about a specific film.

The feature of ‘Tomatometer’ shows you a percentage of all those critics that gave the movie a positive review. It provides brief information about the movie, not an entire plot or description. It also gives you details of the cast of the movie. Furthermore, it also provides you with the critics’ reviews, and Rotten Tomatoes should approve these critics to enhance the authenticity of the studies.

Film Comment

Film comment is undoubtedly for the movies that are known to be a scholarly film buff. This website is not for those who only enjoy watching marvel movies for fun. This website mainly puts forward print magazines that have a good amount of movies with scholarly articles catering to different artistic perspectives of the movies.

The print magazines are also on their website. They are in circulation since 1962 where new issues are released bi-monthly. This website is mainly for a serious movie fan, an individual who considers cinema and theatre a type of art and loves to discover vague pictures at film festivals. In easy words, Film Comment can be labeled as an academic-based website consisting of blogs and interviews.


PluggedIn is the favorite movie review website specifically for parents who want to know what type of movie their children are seeing. It highlights the bad, the good, and the ugly. It provides an overall preview of the story before studying the details of good and bad elements of the movie, including language, violence, or any other restricted content. Along with film, they also provide reviews for books, TV shows, games, and music.

Now Playing

This is mainly a podcast that gives out movie reviews. It has three core hosts for the show but involves a rotating panel of critics that have good knowledge about cinema and movies. These people review movies and series as well and highlight the ones that are hits and misses.

It is different in that the critics do not review a new movie weekly but also if that movie is a sequel, they also review movies that are in the series up to that last release.

This platform is beneficial, but it gives out many spoilers and information, especially if you are a parent who decides if your child can see the latest movie in cinemas. Other than that, this website is known for its thorough and well-explained reviews.

Roger Ebert

Even after the death of the famed movie critic, Roger Ebert continued to be one of the most significant houses of movie reviews. The movie reviewers on this platform are the trusted ones and provide entirely honest and exciting thoughts.

Moreover, each review has a rating between one and five stars to cater to easy and quick movie-watching decisions. It also includes details about the creators and cast of the film with a discussion board where anyone can contribute their opinions. You can also look up old movies by their genre, date, or rating, and this website has no shortage of movies.

This website is genuinely admirable due to its presentation and details of movie reviews.

These are some of the best options of websites and podcasts for movie reviews. The information published on these platforms is entirely reliable and comes from an authentic source. So if you are planning to watch a movie, have a quick visit on any of these platforms.

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