Five Tips For a Successful Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is when you and your partner mutually agree on all the issues in the divorce, from alimony to division of assets. An uncontested divorce is less hassle and inexpensive compared to a contested divorce. Only when you and your partner have zero disputes and agree on everything, it is termed as an uncontested divorce. 

Even if you and your partner have minor disputes, it does not fall under uncontested divorce. With the help of an Alabama uncontested divorce lawyer, you can ensure a successful uncontested divorce without any hassle. 

Below are a few tips to make your uncontested divorce quicker. 

1. Calmly discuss your separation with your spouse and make sure your decision is mutual: To make your divorce a less stressful process, ensure that you and your spouse agree on the division of assets, child custody, child support, alimony, and other aspects. It is crucial to remain calm while negotiating with your partner because a harsh conversation can lead to multiple complications and even make your divorce contested. 

2. Understand the benefits of filing for an uncontested divorce: Uncontested divorces are more accessible and quicker in Alabama compared to a contested divorce. It eliminates the lengthy period, unnecessary disputes and even saves money. You and your partner can discuss the perks of uncontested divorce after deciding to end your marriage. You may seek advice from a lawyer to lay down the perks. 

3. If kids are involved, think for their best interest: During your divorce, kids are not assets. Remember, your decisions will affect your kid’s life, too, so make sure that your decision does not affect your kids -mentally or physically. Discuss with your spouse what is the best for your kids, and then decide what will work the best. Fighting for your divorce just for “winning” the custody will never bring the desired result. 

4. Negotiate on what needs to be settled: Discuss what you and your partner need to be settled, including child custody, alimony, debt allocation, division of property, and more. Make sure you know all the minor disputes in between and resolve them before filing the paperwork. You can take the help of a lawyer to solve the issues and make your procedure easier. 

5. Always involve a lawyer: Although uncontested divorce is straightforward, the paperwork and the legalities involved can be stressful. Divorce is already emotionally challenging, and dealing with all the legal formalities can add more to the already existing stress. Therefore, a lawyer will stick by your side. 

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