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From Traditional to Modern: Bridal Jewellery for Your Indian Wedding to Complement Each Wedding Ceremony

Every aspect of your wedding day should showcase your own style and personality because it is such an important occasion. The jewellery you select is one of the most crucial components of your bridal look. At Swarajshop, we recognise the significance of this choice and provide a wide selection of wedding jewellery to suit both conventional and modern tastes. Join us as we explore the timeless appeal of classic pieces and the allure of current jewellery as we delve into the realm of bridal jewellery.  

Engagement ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, sangeet ceremonies, haldi ceremonies, weddings, and receptions are all parts of a traditional Indian wedding. The most important elements of an Indian wedding ceremony are these pre- and post-wedding rituals, thus your jewellery must be appropriate for both. Choosing bridal sets is one option to accessorise, but you may also look at jewellery items on their own that go well with other pieces. 

The Wedding Ceremony

The route to a happy, fulfilling life and marriage with your fiancé begins with your engagement ceremony. You should choose an outfit that highlights your radiance because this day is all about you and your sweetheart. The following jewellery can be used to complement your engagement saree or lehenga:


You need to be dressed in the most exquisite, breath-taking necklaces you can find on your most crucial day. For your bridal jewellery, here are our favourite picks: 

The Antique Necklace of the Chitra Temple 

You may wear the Chitra Temple Antique Necklace as a set, as seen in the photograph, or separately, as jewellery. This set’s Nakshi Lakshmi design and kempu stones are what give it its brilliance. To make it stand out, pair it with a lehenga or saree in red, pink, or orange.

The Vijaya Long Necklace from the Antique Temple 

The Vijaya Antique Temple Long Necklace may be worn stacked with the Chitra Necklace to accentuate its beauty even further. Wedding jewellery sets may be more than just basic ornaments. Create your most beautiful bridal necklace set by choosing between red and green Kempu stones for this seductive combination.

The Mehendi Ritual

The next ceremony you’ll be attending is your mehendi ceremony. Given the length of the event, all-day jewellery is required. Due to the fact that mehendi will be done to your hands and feet, you might choose to wear mostly earrings, necklaces, and daminis.

To make your own lovely set, pair the Gagan Antique Maang Tikka with the Aashni Antique Temple Choker Set and the matching earrings.

The Haldi Ritual

The bride and groom’s relatives and friends participate in a special rite known as the haldi ceremony to express their love and best wishes for them. on express their support and best wishes, each family or friend applies a turmeric paste on the bride and groom’s hands and feet. You might go for something more understated but yet stylish for this event, such as the Jalaja Floral Statement Cuff Necklace, Multi Layered Floral Chain Necklace, and Delicate Floral Hoop Earrings, as seen in the image.

The Marriage  

It’s finally the big day! You need to appear completely flawless today, so we’ve created an excellent outfit you can copy. 

Why not combine the Jessa Nakshatra CZ Grand Choker ensemble, the Varuna Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set, and the Sparkling Floral Three layer Delicate CZ Long Necklace Set for this delicate appearance, which makes for a stunning ensemble for your big day.  

The Welcome 

You’ll be wearing a modest, comfy outfit for your reception, so we’ve come up with the easiest way to stand out: the Scintillant Delicate CZ Necklace Set, which is guaranteed to shine as brightly as you do.

It’s time to think about how to select the bridal jewellery style that best suits you now that you’ve looked into the world of bridal jewellery. Your wedding’s general theme, your saree or lehenga, and your own style should all be reflected in your bridal jewellery. 

If you’re planning a traditional or culturally themed wedding, traditional jewellery might be the ideal choice because it evokes a sense of cultural history. These accessories, such Antique and Kundan sets, improve your bridal appearance while keeping you rooted in your heritage. 

On the other hand, jewellery that is fashionable and classic adds a modern twist. Crystal fringe necklaces and geometric sets might be the ideal choice if you’re a bride who likes fashion and wants to stand out. They make your bridal attire more elegant and glamorous.  

Keep in mind that Swarajshop has a vast selection of excellent jewellery collections to suit both traditional and modern preferences. Your big day will be even more unforgettable thanks to our beautifully made pieces. For more jewellery that speaks to you, browse our bridal collection website.


The day of your wedding is a celebration of your love and commitment, and your bridal jewellery should show that. Every bride may find something at Swarajshop, whether they prefer the beauty of traditional jewellery sets or the stylish appeal of contemporary items. Make a good choice, and let your jewellery serve as a symbol of both your partner’s affection and your own distinctive sense of style. 

Your wedding jewellery is just as unique as the connection you have with your special someone. We cordially encourage you to peruse our exquisite assortment and choose the ideal accessories to make your wedding day really special.

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