Garment Printing Methods to Explore

Thousands and thousands of t-shirts are custom printed each year, as it is one of the most popular options for businesses marketing their company, and for people who want to set up t-shirt selling businesses and for those who want to wear something more personal. Singapore shirt printing is easy to find and have done but you will see that there is not just one printing method used by everyone, and that some offer more than one option and some might not. In this article we look at the two more popular options in t-shirt printing services today, screen printing and heat press printing.

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The traditional method of screen printing

The method many printing services always use, and one that has been around for thousands of years is screen printing, once called silkscreen printing as that is what the screens were made from at one time. It comes from China using screens as a way to pass on an image or text. Today it is used to transfer onto a range of things including flyers, different garments such as t-shirts and jacket printing and more. With garment printing inks are pressed onto a screen, one screen per colour, and then the design gets pressed onto the garment. The more colours there are the longer it takes to set up. It is best used for simpler images and text and just a few colours at most. It is cost-effective and often a favoured option among people ordering printed garments in large numbers. The quality is quite good as long as the image is not complicated. For the printer, it is a fairly quick process as long as there are not too many colours but it is messy.

Achieving garment printing with a heat press

Some Singapore shirt printing might offer heat press printing as an option. If you have ever ironed on a patch or image that is an example of what it looks like at home. A printer would have something larger, and hotter that also presses down harder. The paper is printed out nowadays that can then be transferred with heat. It works better with more colours than screen printing so you can use more involved designs but it tends to cost more and the colours fade and the image cracks. If you want larger quantities and you do not need a detailed image or lots of colours then screen printing might be a better option.


Whether you choose heat press, screen printing or another option for your jacket printing depends on what you need them for. If this is for charity or business purposes and the design is basic with three colours or less then screen printing is the most likely option, it is cheaper in larger quantities too. If you need fewer items and you do not need them to last for longer than 20 washes or so then heat press printing could work well for you. Especially if you must have more colours and you want to print a photo or something like that on the garment.

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