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Glow Like These Celebrities

Advice From Nicole Kidman

If you’ve ever dealt with dry skin, you’re in good company! Nicole Kidman has been open about her struggles with flaky, scaly skin, but these days, she looks as hydrated as ever—her face is smooth and beautiful!

To rehydrate the skin, Kidman recommends using a polish cleaner that gets rid of dirt, oil, and dead cells. She endorses face and neck serums that combat wrinkles and lines. She also stresses the importance of hydration, especially during winter, when the air is cold. During the summer, she applies zinc creams to protect herself from the dangers of the sun.

Nicole Kidman’s skincare routine is simple and more than achievable for the ordinary person—and it works real wonders!

Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Routine

Jennifer Aniston’s skin has been an object of admiration for decades! Her luminous California-girl glow is all thanks to a consistent, easy-to-follow routine.

In the morning, Aniston begins with a quick soap and water cleanse. This helps her wake up and look more vibrant and alert. She then applies a daily SPF moisturizer to protect her face from heat and UV rays. Aniston also knows about the importance of collagen, and uses a peptide that helps her skin, hair, and nails look their absolute best.

Christie Brinkley Stresses Exfoliation

Christie Brinkley is a major proponent of exfoliation. The story goes that she once read an article which claimed that men look younger on average because their daily shaving is a form of exfoliation. From there, she decided to begin an exfoliation routine of her own, and it has made her look young, fresh, and vibrant well into her 60s!

Christie’s skincare routine has included exfoliation for the last 40 years, and she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. She is living proof that good exfoliation is the key to healthy, gorgeous skin!

Victoria Beckham’s Simple Steps

It may be tempting to try all sorts of different products when you’re first settling into a regimen, but that’s not a good idea! Victoria Beckham takes a minimalist approach, excluding unnecessarily aggressive treatments.

Beckham begins by splashing some cold water on her face to control her morning puffiness. She then uses a serum from her skincare line to make her neck, face, and chest glow. She loves to use moisturizer, reapplying it as the day goes on so that her skin never gets dry. Victoria also takes various supplements that foster better skin health, including apple cider vinegar, fish oil, and vitamin C.

Another unique treatment that Victoria recommends is red light therapy. She uses red, white, and blue lights to firm her skin, increase blood flow, and boost collagen production.

Halle Berry’s Inspiring Routine

Halle Berry may have one of the most beautiful complexions in the world, but it’s readily attainable with an extensive at-home routine! She begins by using a cleanser that also hydrates her skin, and cleanses in the morning and at night. She also exfoliates with eucalyptus, which promotes skin health. She is a big fan of face masks, and believes that, over time, they can do wonders. Lastly, Berry recommends lactic acid supplements, which can get rid of dead skin.

Halle Berry’s routine does require some discipline, but your skin will thank you for the effort!

Adapt to Your Skin’s Fluctuating Needs

Skincare needs change with age. If you want to look your best, you should recognize these changes and make the proper adjustments as quickly as possible. For example, your skin may become progressively more sensitive to certain products, so be careful about what you buy and evaluate whether the creams, moisturizers, and exfoliators you’re using are drying out your skin!

One great way to keep up with your aging skin is to consider the benefits of facial rejuvenation. Facial rejuvenation is any treatment that improves the health and appearance of your skin—in other words, it can be as simple as daily skincare routines or a cosmetic procedure like a deep plane facelift. A strong facial rejuvenation regimen will not only give you an attractive glow, but help you look and feel years younger!

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