Go Green —Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booths

Trade shows are a great way to show the world your products and services. However, they are not the most eco-friendly events. There is often a lot of waste after these events end. The walls and structures of the booths are torn down, and fliers, brochures, and other debris lie everywhere. This is concerning both for exhibitors as well as the attendees. 

One way to avoid so much wastage is adapting sustainable displays. There are several trade show booth ideas to reduce carbon footprint and cut down on waste. This will also show your target audience that your business cares about the planet. Before you start designing your next trade show booth, consider a few eco-friendly options. 

Tips for an eco-friendly trade show booth idea

  • Use eco-friendly banners. 

Consider using eco-friendly banners when you plan to make a banner for your booth. Aluminum and fabric are great alternatives for this. They can be recycled and reused. Avoid using plastic banners, as they are very harmful to the ecosystem. 

  • Use multi-use displays. 

You can invest in multi-use displays when you plan to promote your business from one place to another. If your business is attending multiple shows across the city, you can consider using multi-use displays. They are versatile and can be transported anywhere. Your money and environment can both be saved simultaneously. 

  • Go paperless. 

In modern times, it has become very efficient to go paperless at business shows. You can print a QR code on the trade show display so that the audience can simply scan and get all the important information. Another eco-friendly way is to include a kiosk with a tablet. It will allow the attendees to leave their contact numbers so that you can follow up with them. 

  • Purchase LED lighting. 

You can invest in high-quality LED lights to make your trade show booth stand out. LED bulbs consume very little energy as compared to CFLs. Choose high-quality LED lighting with a high star rating. The higher the rating, the less energy it consumes and the more eco-friendly it is.

  • Make your structure sustainable. 

Modern trade show booths are made of materials such as aluminum, wood, fencing, and even plastics. If you choose such materials for your trade show, it will have a significant impact on the environment as many of them will end up in a landfill. The best option to go with is aluminum. It is tough and durable. It can withstand any wear and tear the display sustains. 


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