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Guide to buy rug from an online store

Perhaps, buying a rug is not a routine task. But, of course, it mainly depends on the needs. Some people only buy it only once or twice in their whole life. No doubt it isn’t easy to purchase rugs online as well as in person. Indeed it’s a huge struggle. So, people have no idea where to get a start and where to end. Then, of course, they have no idea where they can buy rugs.

Indeed, we do not want to buy a rug that is against our lifestyle and needs. Well, before purchasing a rug, try to educate yourself properly. No doubt, rug buying is a tricky process. So prior knowledge is always necessary. But, regardless of the place, there is a lot of information on the internet. So, you can buy rugs online.

For instance, a simple aspect is rug material. If you have decided to buy rugs online, you can probably not touch them. Now it’s your preference; either you want a natural texture or a synthetic one. Well, this is only one factor. Along with the material, there are other rug elements as well. So, to make a better purchase, attain good knowledge.

Given below are the mistakes that you might make. These are applicable in online as well as in-person rug shopping.

1. Never choose the wrong size

It may look simple, but it’s not. Deciding on the right size is always tricky. Most often, people buy rugs that are either too small or too big. It’s not like buying things that attract you the most. To buy rugs online, you need to have a good idea about space. Buy one that fits in the area and can hold other items. Such as furniture.

Moreover, buying a small rug is the worst idea ever. Rugs that are too small make the space look awkward. Well, rugs are supposed to anchor the whole room. Moreover, they are intended to give a unified look. Small size rugs break the space. Also, they tend to provide an incomplete look. For this reason, the bigger the rule is, the better rule. For instance, if you are confused, buy a big rug compared to one that is small.

2. Buy rugs online that are similar but not the same

Probably, to buy iconic rugs online, you need handsome knowledge. This is one of the first mistakes people make in rug buying. Keep in mind, rugs that are the same in looks may vary in quality. In short, similar rugs are not exact.

Along with quality, rugs might differ in fiber, style, warranty, and construction. Indeed this is an era of technology. However, you can get the same traditional looks in both handmade and machine-made rugs.

No doubt, you may get attracted to discounts. But still, don’t get fool. Look at the prints and quality, and then buy a rug. Well, it is not wrong to buy the rugs at a discount. But, still, the carpet is a lifetime investment, so make a wise choice.

3. Buy rugs online that fit your needs and lifestyle

If you are buying a random rug in online stores, it’s the biggest mistake ever. It’s a blunder. Remember your lifestyle and need to play a vital role in getting the right rug. For instance, if you have pets and kids in your home, you cannot go for wool.

For this reason, you need to buy a rug that is spill and stain-resistant. Though, it’s pretty possible; pets can create a mess on the rug. You cannot avoid this situation. In such cases, you need to have a rug that is easy to go. Rugs that are easy to deal with and easy to wash. Because permanent stains and spills can affect the rug quality.

Along with quality, you need to decide on colors as well. In a busy home, darker colors work better as they are good at hiding dirt and scuffs. Moreover, pet hairs and urine can also cause the smell. No doubt in the bus home, there is high foot traffic.

Also, in such a home, there are maximum spills of drinks and water. In these situations, buy a rug online that has high-quality fibers. Buy a durable option that can withstand all these incidents. Of course, a wool rug in high-traffic places is no more than wasting money.

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4. Ignoring the Rug Underlay

No question at all, people tend to think, is it quite worthy of spending on things that are not even visible. No matter what your choice is for rugs. But still, you have to spend on rug overlays. Eventually, it is for all rugs. Well, buy a rug regardless of style and material. However, adding a rug pad is essential for so many reasons. Some of them are given below.

  • Avoid Slipping

Buy a durable rug pad. Find the one that has good quality. Make sure that it can firmly grip the rug. Keep in mind rug pads are mainly designed to keep all the things in place. Such as furniture. A rug that slips frequently can cause accidents. Without rug pads, there are maximum chances of  slip, trip, and fall hazards.

  • Extend the Life of Your Rug

While the underlay may not be pleasing, it is necessary for reducing the unavoidable impact of foot activity. As a result, the effect on the rug itself is diminished. Thus, the underlay improves the comfort of using the rug and protects it, extending rug’s life.

  • Floor Protection

Most rugs have coarse backings, and if you have marble or parquet flooring in your home, these rough surfaces might harm them. Another issue you can encounter if you don’t have an overlay is a color transmission ( Green Area Rugs ) from the rug to your floor. A rug underlay acts as a barrier between your rug and the bottom it is placed on.


Finally, you have a clear idea of how you can buy rugs online. By now, you can quickly get a masterpiece. Nowadays, rugs are essential home elements. Well, they are easy to carry. Either you are living in a rental place or your very own home, you always need one. Last but not least, rugs are not merely the decor elements, but they are the perfect comfy zones of your home. 

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