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Handy Building Renovation Checklist

Are you looking to spruce up your space in a big way? Doing a building renovation can help add more room, fix problems, or allow for more innovative designs in a space. The possibilities are endless, which can feel invigorating and overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking to renovate a commercial building or do a home renovation, you need to prepare for the process. Read on for a few steps to plan for so you aren’t caught off guard or unprepared.

Budget and Plan

The first thing you want to do when considering a building or home renovation is to plan what you want the renovation to actually be. This might seem like the easy part, but you have to match that with a budget and be as specific as you can with ideas. The plan you present to a contractor to get a proposal can’t be too broad or you might not get what you want for the right price.

Rules of Renovating

When trying to answer the question of how to renovate a commercial building, you need to know the rules for that area. Are there zoning issues or permits you need to obtain before you begin construction?

There may be building codes or certain structural requirements to keeping the place safe. Being aware of these can help you better plan the area you want and prevent setbacks that could add costs to the process.

Who to Hire

Hiring a contractor to do your building remodel or home renovation will depend on the place you’re working with and the type of work you need to be done. You may need more than just a building contractor, but additional help like from an electrical contractor as well.

When choosing a contractor, it’s a good idea to have companies submit proposals so you have a better idea of costs and what a company can offer. Make a list of your needs and the questions you have so you don’t choose the first company you find.

Know Who’s Who

As mentioned above, you’ll likely be working with more than a contractor. You may need an architect and an engineer assisting with the design process to ensure it is as you imagine and can be done safely. Knowing who you will interact with and what they do will help the process go smoother and allow you to better direct specific questions or concerns. Whether you need repairs or improvements, big or little, My Handyman is here to assist! Professionals with extensive experience have completed numerous house renovation projects and are familiar with the concerns and typical difficulties that differ from region to area.

Check that Contract

Before you start building, be sure the contract is correct and includes everything you need. Double-check the price, who will be doing what, and the timeline for construction.

You should also plan for the post-construction time as well. Does the building need to be inspected after construction to ensure structural integrity? And who will be doing all the necessary inspections?

The Best Building Renovation

For a building renovation to run smoothly, it’s important that you know the steps and stay organized. You don’t have to do the whole project alone, but it helps to be hands-on in the planning process so you know what is happening and can oversee the general points.

If you prepare prior to construction, you’ll have a great new space in no time. And if you found this helpful in getting started, keep reading our blogs for more good real estate tips.

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