Have you got yourself a memorable contact number?

Do you have a memorable contact number? If you are wondering what’s that, it is a phone number that is easily remembered and relates to your business. Whether you have loads of customers or want to ensure your special customers can contact you whenever they need, having a memorable or golden number (as they are also referred to you here in the UK) is an absolute must. These numbers are easy to memorise, hence the term memorable numbers.

Some Of The Top Reasons To Have A Memorable Number

Promote the business: Having a number easy to remember makes it convenient to stay at the top of the mind. And when the number is easy to recall it remains easier for people to contact you whenever needed. That is why among the plethora of UK mobile numbers out there your number must be memorable.

A checklist for your mobile numbers:

Is your business mobile number easy to recall?

Does the number have a unique aspect to it? If yes, it should be highlighted on your business cards

Is the mobile number series easy to remember?

Make It Easy For Prospective Customers To Remember Your Business

It is not possible to always have access to your business card every time you meet a prospective customer. If they have a query related to your business or service and are not able to contact you easily, they will move to a competitor. To ensure that you remain easily accessible to potential clients whenever your services or products are required, ensure to have a memorable contact number.  The more unique and easier the business number to remember, the more likely they will contact you first.

Stand Apart From The Competition

Any phone number that is easy to recall is also more likely to be shared. Consequently, the more the number is shared the more will the possibility of gaining customers. For this, your memorable mobile number must have a call to action to compel the person that receives the number to call whenever they need your services or products. If they receive just another run-of-the-mill number, they are less likely to remember and unlikely to recall the number when required. Having a standard number that is typical of most UK numbers will not help to generate many calls and therefore business.


If you want to market yourself successfully, the business must carve a niche for itself to stay ahead of your peers. Having a memorable phone number is the way to do that. That will make it possible for people to easily remember the contact details and help in better customer outreach.

Along with better brand visibility, having a memorable contact number can also be beneficial for:

  • Increased effectiveness of marketing with more leads
  • Consolidating the identity of the brand through strengthening a rhythmic pattern with the business
  • Increased referrals
  • Ideal for family members and staff etc.

We all are aware that memories can have a strong impact on our lives. Likewise, the more memorable and unique your business number, the more effective it will be for people to remember and contact you while making the business remain distinctive from competitors. Ensuring that your clients have easy access to your number will make it easier for them to connect whenever they need any services or products.


A unique contact number will make it easier for people to remember, and make it easy to connect with your business whenever they need it. From brand building to remaining easily accessible having a memorable phone number will go a long way in terms of benefits. Visit Buy UK Mobile Number – UK Phone Numbers | British Numbers and secure a unique contact for yourself today.

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