The world of chatbots- has officially become the new age of marketing. Businesses everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon to make their businesses more powerful. And well! Chatbots are paving the way for success. Some of the most common benefits of using chatbots are very simple. They instantly generate leads for businesses. They are available for customer support 24/7 and don’t require human staff to manage them. From recommending products for a purchase to turning potential customers into clients- the chatbots have reshaped the vision for business operations. 

But what many businesses aren’t aware of are the hidden benefits that the chatbots offer. They can also improve the search engine optimisation rankings, boost customer retention as well as help in augmenting the digital ad strategy. 

So if you are considering building your brand and utilizing the myriad benefits google chatbots have to offer, keep reading.

1- Decrease your website’s bounce rates

For those of you, who don’t know what bounce rates are- it is a percentage of people visiting your website and leaving after only reading or viewing one page. Now the bounce rate doesn’t impact the search rankings on google. However, it does impact the websites that have higher rankings as they usually tend to have low bounce rates. 

One of the most common reasons for the bounce rate factor is the complex navigation through a website. Either the pages aren’t designed intuitively, which makes the customers navigate through, difficult. Now, how do the chatbots help here? Well, chatbots help the customers with easy navigation throughout their online experience. If a customer is struggling to navigate through the pages or find the right product, having a chatbot helps them resolve this issue. It basically helps to point them in the right direction. Depending on the conversation, the chatbots help in resolving most queries. For the select few, they get transferred to a live agent. 

2- Increasing the SEO session duration

Session duration basically refers to the time spent by users on your website before they get back to the search results page. This duration of time is used by google to rank the website. It goes without saying that the longer the session duration, the better is the customer retention. 

Google chatbots are a technique of conventional business operations. Using these can help in increasing the time that a customer spends on your website. If there is a problem that needs solving the customers can drop a HEY to the chatbot and wait for a list of automated responses. 

3- Increasing customer service ratings

Another hidden benefit of google chatbots is that it helps in improving the customer service ratings for a business. If you are a local business, one of the major factors for your survival is the reviews that are posted by your clients. 

Chatbots lead to an improvisation in the customer service with the promptness in the help offered by them. This in turn leads to an increase in the customer service ratings, overall. With bots comes speed. If you are able to help out a customer immediately, they are likely to stay on and not abandon their cart. No matter what time zone a customer is in, the chatbots and their ease of catering across borders is what interests a customer. What better way than to boost the response times by up to 300% only with chatbots!

4- Strengthening your content strategy

It is the data collected and assimilated from various chatbots that you can improve the google rankings of your businesses. There is no doubt that content marketing is the key to success for businesses in the online space. Now the chatbots collect data on the most googled or most asked questions by the customers. This helps brands in refocusing their content strategy around those FAQs. 

The keyword search enables us to find out what the customers are searching for. However, sometimes it is indeed better to hear it from the customers as to what they would want to learn and read. Not a lot of companies have yet realized the potential of chatbots in collecting data, but it is never too late. You can start today and see the difference for your brand in no time. 

5- Increasing the ROI for your brand

When given an opportunity to earn extra money, who doesn’t want to hop on that train! The best part about the chatbots collecting data is that the same data can be used to improve the performance of the social media ads. The learning is never ending. The more you can learn about the behavior of your customers, the more insightful your marketing strategy on social media platforms can be. 

Not only does this help in lowering the cost of conversion by half but also increase the ad spent return over time. 

6- Increasing customer retention numbers

Every business’s foundation lies on the number of people it caters to- its customers. But more importantly, over a long course of time what truly matters is retaining these customers so that they can keep revisiting the website. 

Of course, customer acquisition should be a constant endeavor but that shouldn’t mean you forego the existing customers. With the chatbots, you can provide your users with a personalized experience. They are likely to feel more valued and heard. And this personalisation is what helps the customers in entrusting the brand. No customer wants to buy anything from a company where the entire process is way too tedious and time consuming. They need quick responses and quick navigation. Chatbots help with the same. The process is hassle free, faster and efficient than customers dropping mails and waiting for a reply. 

Chatbots are not just the redefining tool for a business organization- it is indispensable. The brands that are looking to seek popularity and offer their customers with the very best- chatbots are a must. It impacts so much more than just one or two aspects. It affects the way in which businesses are conducted, overall. 

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