HovAlpha: A Minimalist Approach to Electric Fat Tire Bikes

HovscoHovAlpha stands out among an ebike market packed with advanced technologies with its minimalist approach and simple features: fat tires with high traction, torque sensor and battery that serves double duty as both light source and light emitter for extra performance in an affordable package.

HovAlpha utilizes an effective 750W motor capable of reaching Class 2 speeds of 20mph or 28mph with software unlock. A battery integrated into its frame offers up to 60 miles on one charge.


HOVASCO offers an expansive selection of electric adult bicycle, including foldable models that make riding an e-bike convenient and hassle-free. Their powerful 750W motors, long-range batteries and 7-speed Shimano gears help riders traverse any terrain with ease, while rugged fat tires and front suspension forks make these rides suitable for daily commutes or adventurous rides alike.

The HovAlpha features a powerful 750W brushless gear hub motor from BafangSutto and a 720Wh Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery that can cover 60 miles on pedal assist mode. In case of emergencies, its three-level LED flashlight provides handy illumination.

This bike features front and rear 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes to deliver excellent stopping power, while its handlebars offer straightforward controls for power, mode, and light modes. Furthermore, an LCD digital display provides clear information regarding speed, assist level status, battery charge status status.


Hovsco is one of the newest companies to enter the electric bike market. Their bikes offer a variety of features to keep cycling enjoyable – the HovAlpha being an example.

This e-bike features a lightweight frame and suspension fork, along with a Samsung/LG removable lithium battery equipped with a 750W motor and built-in LED flashlight. It reaches top speeds of 20mph.

SUTTO (sub-brand of Bafang)’s 750W geared hub motor produces up to 85Nm of torque for faster riding over more terrain, while front and rear hydraulic disc brakes ensure safe riding experience. Furthermore, an LCD display shows your current speed, pedal assist mode, trip mileage, and battery level information. In HOVSCO you can find beach cruisers.


HOVSCO E bikes use Samsung/LG battery technology to enhance power, stability and safety. Their 720Wh battery can take you up to 40 miles in pure electric mode or over 60 miles with pedal-assist, depending on terrain. In addition, this bike features a 5-level torque sensor to make climbing hills more effortless.

HovAlpha features a 4-inch tire with high traction and a powerful 48V/720W motor that can reach 28 mph top speeds, and comes equipped with cadence and torque sensors to deliver just the right amount of power to each pedal stroke. Furthermore, its battery is integrated into its frame for additional compactness and style while serving double duty as both flashlight and flashlight for easy storage purposes. Finally, it folds up quickly for quick transportation or storage needs.


Hovsco bikes are designed to offer an enjoyable riding experience and stress-free riding. Their design philosophy revolves around creating bikes with sleek lines while remaining functional; Hovsco also offers easy assembly of their electric bikes making the process far simpler than competing brands.

HOVSCO offers one of the more innovative products on the market with their HovAlpha fat tire e-bike, making for an exceptional off-road riding experience in mud, snow and sand conditions.

HovAlpha features an LG battery pack delivering 720Wh of power that enables it to reach 28mph in class 3 mode, as well as a torque sensor which ensures that just enough power reaches its motor.


Hovsco has made waves in the industry by offering high-quality bikes at competitive prices. Hovsco stands out as being an undisputed market leader when it comes to electric bikes.

HovAlpha offers several e-bike models designed to meet different needs, from city commuters and eMTB bikes to folding bicycle models. Their HovAlpha fat tire electric bike stands out as being specifically tailored to unimproved terrain thanks to an aluminum frame with lightweight components like step-thru design for easy mounting/dismounting as well as front suspension fork and wide fat tires that provide smooth riding experience on uneven terrain.

Its 750W motor and 720Wh Samsung/LG battery provide up to 60 miles on pedal assist mode and 40 in pure electric mode, respectively. A torque sensor is also included which uses your pedaling speed as an indicator of how much power will be provided from the motor.

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