How Best To Prepare For Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy is a blessing for many women, and particularly for first time mums-to-be, capturing every stage of it through a series of beautiful photographs, is something many are keen to do. 

Fortunately, pregnancy stages photoshoot sessions have become just as popular with photographers as they are with expectant mums, meaning that there are no shortage of studios to visit to start recording your maternity journey. 

If you’ve just scheduled your first pregnancy photoshoot, and are curious or worried about what to expect, here is some helpful guidance:

Stop worrying about what you might be asked to do!

The whole point of a professional pregnancy photoshoot is that it captures you, how you want to be captured. At no point will you ever be asked to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. While some new mums prefer to be photographed without wearing clothes, to truly emphasize their body and the various stages of pregnancy, for example, just as many prefer to keep their clothes on, and the choice will always be yours. 

Share your ideas

Most photographers welcome ideas and inspiration from their clients, and you should never feel embarrassed or unwilling to share any ideas that you might have related to the photoshoot. This may or may not include adding props that are personal to you, and if you would like them to be incorporated into the photographs, your photographer will do their best to make this happen. 

Wear clothing that you love, but are comfortable in

No matter how sexy you want to feel, or look, wearing anything that’s too tight and that restricts your movement during a photoshoot, will reflect poorly in the photographs. Yes you want to look attractive, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, so try and choose clothes that you love, but which are comfortable and enhance your bump. 

Get a wellness treatment first

From a pregnancy massage to a full makeover, why not show up for your maternity stages photoshoot looking and feeling at your best? After all, if you can’t pamper yourself now, when can you! 

Try to relax

Lastly, it’s important to remember that your chosen photographer has probably carried out multiple pregnancy photoshoots, and they will know exactly how to guide you in order to get the most out of the entire experience. Try not to stress out about any aspect of the shoot, and if you’re concerned about anything at any time, simply raise your concerns with the photographer – it’s your shoot after all. Also, you can take along friends, partners, spouses and anyone else who might help you feel relaxed and good about yourself as you strike a pose!

Pregnancy stages photoshoots are best scheduled when you’re between 31 and 36 weeks pregnant, but do feel free to get yourself clicked whenever you want, and as many times as you want! By following the guidance above, you should be able to enjoy the experience and walk away with some beautiful photographs to cherish and look back on – when baby number 2, 3 or 4 comes along!


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