How Can You Improve Your Email Bounce Rate In 2022?

I poured myself a cup of tea. It was a bitterly cold evening in Chicago, with ice on the roads due to the snowstorm and the wind howling through the old windows of my apartment. I could hear the wind’s whistling sound, each one louder than the one before it. I felt the designers of this fireplace did an excellent job of making the faux wood logs seem authentic when I turned on my gas fireplace.

Linden tea with honey is my favorite; with each breath of the tea’s scent, memories of my average email bounce rate come flooding back, as if everything that happened a long time ago was occurring right now.

Consequently, I’ve chosen to share my trials and lessons learned in improving my average email bounce rate with you because I understand that your rising email bounce rate is like, that wind in your mind which is louder than the one before it.

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So let’s put it another way, both soft and hard bounce rates are alarming. I’ve compiled a list of my top recommended practices to assist you in lowering your email bounce rate.

The wind is still blowing more muscular, the whistling sounded like it is about to take the balcony door away, but that brought attention back to the present dear marketers,

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So, let’s calm our minds and discuss solutions with our top practices.

Use a twofold Opt-in System.

Always utilize multiple opt-in forms while collecting subscriptions. The subscriber will receive a confirmation email after signing up, which they must click through to validate their email address. This extra step decreases the likelihood of spam email addresses being added to your list of subscribers.

👉 Tip Use only trusted and dependable subscriber list-building tactics. Buying email addresses is a massive error that will cost you a lot of money.

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Keep your Email list in Good Condition.

Maintaining a high-quality email list is essential for preventing bounces. Verify and sanitize your subscriber lists with email validation solutions like Mailercheck. Look for solutions beyond list validation and provide functional email list analysis for email address verification. These insights might assist you in managing your email list and identifying emails that could be preserved.

It’s possible that a subscriber didn’t provide you with a valid email address. To avoid extreme bounces, always double-check your subscriber lists for mistakes.

With our pro-tip below, you can locate professional email addresses that are 100% authentic.

👉 Tip, a free email lookup tool, can now help you find the most respectable organizations, audiences, and lost consumers anywhere on the planet. This technology is ideal for today’s search for and connection with the rest of the globe! Its algorithms enable you to find an email address for any prospect swiftly! will give you ten free credits just for joining up.

Verify your Domain’s Authenticity.

Authenticating your domain is similar to passing through passport control before entering a foreign country: the border police will want to verify your credentials before allowing you to go. An authenticated domain will legitimate your account in email marketing since Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook will be able to route the origin of your email correctly.

It’s a good idea to ask your subscribers to add your email address to their inbox address book, in addition to validating your domain.

During Email Marketing, keep your time Constant.

The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Set up an email cadence approach so that your subscribers can expect to hear from you frequently. The number of emails you send in a given period (frequency), the sort of emails you send, and the optimal times to send your emails make up an email cadence.

When you and your subscribers communicate often, the email service interprets this as typical activity. ‘Normal’ is a positive thing in email marketing.

It’s time to get rid of the bounces and increase the number of delighted subscribers.

Any subscriber list is the heart and soul of your email marketing campaign. The health of your email marketing relies on maintaining your list in fantastic shape, much like a car has to be kept to perform effectively.

Better deliverability, more excellent open rates, and a sender reputation will put a grin on your face if your subscriber lists have fewer bounces.

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The only time machine that can be useful can bring a memory back to life. That, I believe, is what this tea did. I hope you find these techniques beneficial.

 Share your experiences that bring memories back to life.

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