How come American sports are growing so rapidly overseas?

Today, many people across the world follow one of the major American sports leagues. The reasons for this are multi-faceted, but in the end it all leads to one thing: the sports grow and revenue increases

Even though American sports such as the NHL have always been popular in parts of the world where hockey is a major sport, in more recent years baseball, basketball and most of all the NFL has seen explosive growth. This mainly comes from Europe, but it’s not the only place that has started to take a big interest in American sports.  How come? In this text we’re going to go through, and provide a couple of reasons as to why more and more people across the globe are tuning in to watch these sports regardless of whether they enjoy looking at Mlb lines beforehand or not. 

Easier to access 

If we rewind the clock just a couple of years, it was more or less impossible to find coverage of American sports outside of America. Some broadcasting companies showed reruns of basketball every once in a while, but that was about it. Today, it’s extremely easy to find various live streams of these American sports online regardless of where you live. The UFC has popularised martial arts as hobby for many, Townsville offers Brazilian jiu jitsu classes.

The internet has also made it a lot easier to access information and media surrounding american sports in a way that was not possible earlier. Today you can be located in France or Thailand and read all the same media and watch the games the same way Americans can. 

Betting has also played its part in making American sports more popular worldwide. Most bookmakers today offer odds on American sports the same way American bookmakers do, which is one of the reasons that so many people tune in to watch. Mlb spreads and bets on NFL games can add some incentive for otherwise uninterested people to watch. 

The NFL is one of the fastest growing leagues in the world

The NFL is by far the American sport that sees most interest from different countries. This is mainly due to the games being played at a time where most other time zones can tune in somewhat comfortably. The NFL has become extremely saturated in the US and are looking to Europe and South America for growth, and before the pandemic, they played several games in London as well as Mexico City.

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