How Do I Go About Introducing My Old Dog to My New Puppy?

In the US, 63.4 million households have a dog! This is the most common type of pet that we own, so it’s obvious that Americans are dog people.

Some of us are such huge dog people that we need more than 1 dog in our lives! But bringing home a new puppy can be stressful for everyone involved, especially your older dog.

Here’s how to introduce your new puppy to your old dog so everyone gets along and there’s less tension in the house!

Move Your Current Dog’s Belongings to One Place

Some dogs are never possessive, but you never know if a new dog will trigger possessive behavior in your current dog. So to be safe, move all of their belongings to one place, such as their toys, beds, and food bowls.

Kip dog boarding Brisbane says this will allow your dogs to meet in a more neutral space where your older dog doesn’t feel threatened

While you’re moving things around, make sure the space they’re meeting in is as clutter-free as possible. The bigger the space feels, the lower the chance of triggering aggression in either dog, as they won’t feel as “caged in”.

Supervise the Interactions

We can’t emphasize this enough: you need to supervise all interactions, even if it seems like the two love each other!

On the other hand, it’s normal for the older dog to growl or grumble at the new puppy, as this is their way of setting boundaries. Because this is normal behavior, don’t admonish your dog for growling at the puppy.

However, if your older dog is starting to get agitated, it’s time to separate them and give them a break.

Have Breaks

On that note, you should have frequent breaks during the day, even if it seems like your dogs are getting along just fine. This gives your older dog a chance to relax and get some time away from the new pup, who is most likely much more energetic than your older dog!

A great idea would be to crate one or both dogs during these breaks. It gives them time in their own safe spaces.

Reward Your Dogs for Good Behavior

It’s important that you reward your furry friends for good behavior. This will encourage them to get along even better!

Give Homeopathic Remedies a Try

If you’ve tried everything above but your dogs are still skittish, scared, and anxious around one another, you should think about homeopathic meds for dogs.

These medications may help with anxiety. As a result, everyone will have a better time with the above introduction methods. When both dogs are calm, it’ll lead the way for better bonding and trust.

Welcome a New Puppy to Your Home With Ease

Getting a new puppy can be exciting, yet stressful at the same time. But by following the tips we’ve given you here, you can make the transition easier for everyone! And before you know it, everyone will settle in and it’ll feel like you’ve always had these four-legged friends in your house.

To learn more about man’s best friend, keep reading our blog page!

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