How Do You Determine if You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated? 

Our jobs are significant to us in a variety of ways. We rely on our earnings in almost every aspect of our lives. As a result, losing a job can be a horrifying and disheartening experience. Unfortunately, our employers have a lot of say over whether or not we can keep our jobs, especially if we are classified as at-will workers. However, regardless of the type of job you have or how your employment contract describes your employment status, there are certain reasons that an employer cannot use to terminate your employment, known as wrongful termination. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, seek help from a wrongful termination attorney San Antonio today. 

What is wrongful termination? 

Wrongful termination is when a worker is fired for an illegal reason. Even at-will employees are protected by wrongful termination laws at the state and federal levels. However, it is up to the former employee to demonstrate that their dismissal was unjustified. The employer will commonly argue that the termination was legal, citing poor performance, workplace misconduct, or absenteeism. 

What can suggest wrongful termination? 

Wrongful termination can be challenging to detect because most employers will try to mask their bad intentions with legitimate reasons for termination. For example, it is highly unlikely that an employer will terminate all female employees unilaterally. Such an act would unquestionably be discriminatory and illegal under federal law. Instead, the employer would likely try to micro-manage unwelcome employees and nitpick every task completed by the employee to make it appear that their work performance is subpar, thus justifying termination. 

What are the different kinds of wrongful termination? 

Some of the most common ways that your boss can wrongfully terminate a worker are: 

  • Retaliation 
  • Discrimination 
  • Statutory violations 
  • Breach of contract 
  • Disability 

How can you tell if you have been wrongfully terminated? 

Because most states allow for at-will employment, employees must be aware of their rights if their termination is illegal. Some of the most common methods for determining whether or not your termination was unlawful are: 

  • Your contract was breached. 
  • You faced discrimination. 
  • You were punished for exercising your rights or retaliated against. 
  • Your boss broke the law. 
  • There was a breach of Fair Dealing and Good Faith.
  • You’ve been put on the blacklist. 

Speak to an attorney 

If you believe your work performance was adequate and your employer terminated you for an ulterior motive, contact an experienced wrongful termination attorney to discuss your options. 

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