How Hourly Hiring & Recruiting Software Helps QSRs

Recruiting new staff has, without a doubt, always been a major problem for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). The introduction of hourly hiring and recruiting software comes in to solve this problem, by making it possible to fill all open positions without requiring much effort. With these types of programs, managers can now hire an employee without having to rely so much on recruitment services.

In this post, we’re going to look at the different ways in which hourly hiring and recruiting software are beneficial to QSRs.

1. Easy Per-demand Hiring

With hourly flat rate hiring, QSR managers can now hire employees without any introduction. There are certain times within the day or during busy days when extra staff can be hired; for instance during certain holidays. 

Typically, there is also a rush during lunch, when most of the employees work as well. By integrating an hourly hiring software service into their business, QSRs can easily get access to this extra workforce however they need it.

2. Better recruitment quality

Since many of the hourly hiring and recruiting software solutions integrate with online job postings, they also increase your recruitment efficiency in a big way. This can produce way more qualified applicants that you can choose from. In addition to receiving better quality applications, there are also hourly hiring & recruiting software solutions that double your applicant flow.

3. Recruitment Simplification

Most managers have their recruitment procedures, but these can often be overly time-consuming. With an hourly hiring and recruiting software solution, they can scale back on the amount of time they need when hiring. This allows QSRs to focus on doing what they do best; improving their products and service and building a loyal base of customers.

4. Easier access to employee data

Since most of the hourly recruitment software solutions are also payroll integration services, you can get access to a wide range of employee data and information as well. This includes keeping track of time worked, overtime hours, commission earnings and other relevant details. These same data can then be used for tax purposes and other legal requirements by the employer.

5. Save money

There are a number of obvious cost-saving advantages to using hourly hiring and recruiting software services over traditional recruitment services. For example, you’ll likely save on hiring costs, but additionally, you also save on office costs and administration, since the software automates quite a number of tasks. You can use the savings to enhance other areas of your business, improving its overall success.

6. Easy employee scheduling

Most hourly hiring and recruitment software solutions allow managers to post their available shifts on a common schedule. Such schedules, then get updated in real-time as new employees join or leave the team. This way, staff has easy access to what hours are available.

7. Improved employee management

With a hiring & recruiting software solution in place, you’ll also get access to employee data and crucial information that enables you to better manage your team. This includes basic data, availability and timesheets. Thus, you’ll be able to know when an employee works well under pressure or on their own.

8. Access to extra resources

QSRs can get access to expert knowledge and help, too. However, this information is often hard to find when you’re operating on a smaller scale. With an hourly hiring and recruiting software solution, you can get access to free support from experts who are knowledgeable about the industry and your specific needs.

To sum it all up

Most QSRs realize that their best chance for success lies in hiring the right people. The hiring and recruitment process is, however, not always smooth. 

Fortunately, you can simplify the entire process using top-quality hiring and recruiting software solutions and benefit in the ways listed above. Just be sure to take your time when looking through the available options so that you can get a quality product.

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