How long a transparent window does LED screen last?

Like other electronic products, transparent LED window displays have a limited lifespan. The theoretical lifespan of LEDs is 100,000 hours, but the lifespan of transparent LED screens on the market is usually 4-8 years, and it is very good to use transparent LED screens for 8 years or more years. Therefore, the life of 100,000 hours of transparent LED screens is relatively ideal to achieve, and the actual situation of 50,000 hours was considered good.

Internal factors include peripheral device performance, LED electroluminescence device performance, and product fatigue resistance. Internal factors include the working environment of transparent LED screens.

  1. Impact of peripherals

In addition to LED light-emitting devices, led transparent display also use many other peripheral components such as PCBs, plastic shells, power changes, connectors, and cases. Failure of a component can shorten the life of the transparent screen. Therefore, the longest life of a transparent screen is determined by the life of the main component, which has the shortest life. For example, LEDs, switching power supplies, and metal shells are selected according to eight-year criteria, and the performance of the circuit board protection process can only support that task for three years. It will be damaged by corrosion after 3 years, so

  1. Effect of product fatigue resistance

When the temperature or humidity changes, the protective surface of the circuit board cracks, and the protection performance deteriorates.

Therefore, the process of manufacturing transparent LED screens is also an important factor in determining the useful life of transparent screens. Manufacturing processes related to the manufacture of transparent screens include parts storage and pretreatment processes, furnace welding processes, three preventive treatment processes, and waterproof sealing processes. Process efficiency is related to material selection and dosage parameter control, and operator quality. Accumulation of experience is very important for major manufacturers of transparent LED screens. A factory with many years of experience can manage the production process more efficiently.

  1. Impact of LED electroluminescence device performance

LED lamp beads are the most important part of a transparent screen and are mostly related to its lifespan. For LED lamp beads, the main indicators are attenuation, water vapor transmission, and UV resistance. If the manufacturer of the transparent LED screen does not pass the performance evaluation of the LED beads, it will be applied to the transparent screen, which will cause many quality accidents and seriously affect the service life of the LED transparent LED screen.

  1. Impact of working environment

In terms of the environment, it is not affected by rain, snow, or ultraviolet rays, and the temperature difference in the room is small. The maximum temperature difference outside can reach 70 degrees Celsius, plus wind, sun, and rain. The harsh environment exacerbates the aging of transparent screens, and the working environment is an important factor affecting the life of transparent screens.

The life of a transparent LED display is determined by many factors, but the life caused by many factors can be continuously extended by replacing parts (such as power switching). It is unlikely that the LEDs will be replaced in large numbers. Therefore, after the life of the LED has expired, it means that the life of the transparent screen is over. In a sense, the life of an LED determines the life of a transparent screen.

How to extend the life of a transparent LED window screen?

From the purchase of raw materials to the standardization and standardization of manufacturing and installation processes, it greatly affects the useful life of LED display screens. Brands of electronic components such as lamps and IC beads, as well as the quality of switching power supplies, are direct factors that affect the life of large LED displays. When planning a project, you need to specify specific brands and models of reliable quality LED beads, reputable switching power supplies, and other raw materials. Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to guarantee the aging time as much as possible and make the factory certification rate 100%. During shipping, the product must be properly packed and marked fragile on the outside of the package. For sea shipping, it is necessary to take measures to prevent corrosion by hydrochloric acid.

Routine maintenance of the trans missive LED screen is also very important, and the dust that collects on the screen should be cleaned regularly so as not to affect the heat dissipation functions. When playing advertising content, try not to stay in all white or green images for long periods of time to avoid short circuits and other obstacles caused by amplifying the current and heating the cable. During night festivals, the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the surrounding brightness, which not only saves power but also extends the life of the transparent LED display screen.

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