How much do you know about composite exterior wall panels?

There are many different materials for exterior wall panels, and as one of the many types, composite exterior wall panels are taking up an increasing share. Why are more and more people using wood-plastic composite wall panels? This article will introduce information about wood plastic composite exterior wall panels and analyze the reasons why it is widely used. Unifloor provides you with high-quality wood plastic composite exterior wall panels and is also an experienced wood plastic composite fence manufacturer.

The material composition of wood-plastic composite exterior wall panels


The wood-plastic composite exterior wall panel, or WPC cladding/siding, is composed of part wood fiber and part recyclable plastic and part necessary chemical additives. (The chemical additives here are necessary and non-toxic, so there is no need to worry when using them)

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Advantages of wood plastic composite cladding


So, is wood plastic composite exterior siding a worthwhile material? In what ways is it recommended?

  1. Strong durability. The wood-plastic composite material, which incorporates advanced technology, is stronger than traditional wood.
  2. Good UV protection ability. It will not face the problem of fading, splitting, or rotting.
  3. Moisture and insect resistance. With protective polymer coating, it can effectively prevent moisture and insects.
  4. Close to the tone of the wood. The natural surface can be better matched with the surrounding environment.
  5. Rich choice of textures. You will always find satisfaction in many choices.
  6. Eco-friendly. Whether you are an environmental protectionist or not, choosing wood-plastic composite materials for outdoor decoration can effectively reduce the carbon footprint. (Such as wood-plastic composite fences, wood-plastic composite benches, etc.)


All these reasons make wood plastic composite exterior panels get more people’s favorite, but no one material is perfect, so what are the problems that need to pay attention to wood plastic composite exterior panels?

Disadvantage of wood plastic composite cladding


The only thing that may make people become hesitant is the cost of its installation. The installation cost of wood plastic composite exterior siding may be higher than wood exterior siding. However, wood plastic composite exterior siding maintains good condition for a longer period of time and therefore has a longer replacement cycle. Maintenance costs are lower in the later years. Therefore, price is a factor that needs to be measured over a longer time frame.


In any case, I hope this article will be helpful to you.


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