How Playing Games in the Office Could Boost Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Up until quite recently, the workplace was thought to be a particularly strict and conservative environment that showed little to no progress. But in an effort to improve the company culture and create a more pleasant working environment for everyone involved, some of the largest corporations in the world have started including more unique aspects into the office, with the rest of the business world quickly following suit. One of these novelties were also game rooms, a simple addition that has proved to have a number of advantages for employee productivity and engagement. If you’re thinking of including a game room into your office as well, here are some wonderful benefits that might just convince you to make that decision:

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Stress-relieving benefits

From tight deadlines to demanding clients, work can be quite a stressful environment for many employees. If you wish to reduce the built-up stress some of your staff might be feeling due to work or even their personal lives, gaming can be a great solution. Playing games has shown to have quite powerful stress-relieving benefits, which is why incorporating a game room into the office can be so efficient at eliminating everyday stress. Apart from positively impacting the overall satisfaction, happiness, and health of your employees, eliminating stress can also be advantageous for your bottom line, as happier employees tend to be more productive as well.

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Promoting team bonding

All good teams need to be united. Not only do the relationships colleagues form with one another lead to good friendships, but they can also improve communication and collaboration within any team. Thankfully, gaming together can be a great way to form strong social bonds. Playing games together will allow your employees to connect with each other over activities that aren’t necessarily related to work, thus helping teams to bond, fostering a feeling of community in the workplace, and allowing coworkers to operate as a single, more cohesive unit, which might ultimately improve the overall productivity in the office as well.

Improving cognitive skills

Gaming could also have a number of advantages for your employees’ cognitive abilities. Through recognizing patterns and performing challenging tasks, your staff might be able to gain higher control of their thoughts, increase their response times, and improve their multitasking abilities, as well as boost their decision-making and logical thinking skills. And if you include more aspects of the gaming culture in the workplace like delicious gamer drinks as well, you will be able to enjoy even more benefits. Made from a brilliant blend of plants and herbs that help to maintain optimal body functions, these energy drinks can increase focus, improve knowledge retention, reduce stress and anxiety, lift the mood, and promote creativity, clearly being a wonderful solution for boosting productivity and satisfaction in the office.

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Aiding in creating trust

Today’s employees want independence in the workplace, and gaming can easily allow you to highlight that important aspect. The availability of games indicates a friendly and relaxed company culture that supports a good work-life balance, and it is a clear sign your business trusts its staff to manage their time efficiently. What’s more, in-office game rooms could also aid in attracting and retaining top talent, especially when it comes to younger generations of workers, as it provides a unique deciding factor that might encourage them to choose you over your competitors.

Supporting productivity

It’s a well known fact that taking regular short breaks significantly improves our performance. Working for shorter stretches with quick breaks in-between allows us to sharpen our focus, increase our attention span, boost productivity, and deliver work of much higher quality compared to working for longer periods of time. And game rooms in the office give us the opportunity to do just that. By focusing on the game at hand, your employees will be able to forget about work for a few minutes and release some pent-up stress, enabling them to get back to work with a fresh mindset and increased productivity.

Making employees happy

After all, one of the greatest benefits of gaming is its mood-lifting nature. When we play games, our brains release dopamine and endorphins, both known as “happy hormones” that are released when we feel pleasure, contentment, and accomplishment. And once your employees feel these positive emotions, they can easily translate them into their work and life as well. As a result, your staff might be additionally motivated to finish important tasks and projects on time, by bringing that commitment and stimulation from the game room to their desks. Of course, this has a wonderful impact on the overall productivity in the workplace, but it could also boost employee happiness even further, thanks to the satisfaction of successfully completing all of their responsibilities.

By reducing stress, fostering bonding and trust, and improving cognitive abilities, gaming can clearly have a number of benefits for your business. It leads to calmer, happier, more content, and more efficient employees, in turn increasing your company’s chances of achieving success.

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