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How Should I or a Loved One Prepare for a Drug Rehabilitation Center?

If you’re thinking about going to rehab or taking a loved one to rehab, chances are you’ll be the most successful at meeting your rehabilitation goals by setting yourself up for success. We’re all tied to attachments, obligations, and responsibilities in the external world.

Being prepared for a stay at a drug rehabilitation center may break or break an addict’s commitment level to rehabilitation. Having all of the things your loved one could want or need while staying in rehab could make or break their willingness to take rehab seriously.

The world is a never-ending conundrum that will still be there to solve when you get back from the best drug rehab, sober, with greater willpower and a determined mindset. To learn more about how to set yourself up for success before you go to rehab, keep reading.

Ask Questions

There are many questions to ask before admitting you or a loved one into a drug rehabilitation center. First off, you have to pick which Drug Rehab Centers you’d like to go to. Which drug rehab facility resonates with your particular needs?

You may need a center that is flexible on pricing. Choosing a center that accepts health insurance may be a big factor in determining where to go. Are there payment plans available? Does the center work on a sliding scale or offer any type of leverage such as scholarships or aid?

What kind of rehabilitation center do you want to go to? Do you want to focus on holistic methods? Do you prefer medical, evidence-based treatments?

What is the ratio between the staff and patients? Will you be getting individualized and specific care? Can you go to rehab with other diagnosed mental illnesses?

What does their addiction treatment program look like? Will you get resources for outpatient care? Will you need to detox prior to going, or do they provide resources to help you detox once you’re there?

Can you have visitors? Will you have access to your telephone?

These are all questions to strongly consider when weighing your rehabilitation options. Getting prepared means that you cannot ask too many questions. Even though you still might have questions once you get to rehab, having the basics covers helps you understand at the very least how much rehab will cost, what type of addiction treatment you’ll be getting, and what to expect from rehab.

Mentally Preparing to Attend a Drug Rehabilitation Center

Mentally preparing for rehab looks like different things for different people. If you are the loved one of an addict planning to take them to rehab, they may not have time to mentally prepare themselves if you catch them off guard.

In this scenario, you can prepare for them. Help take some of the pressure associated with going to rehab by figuring out work plans, childcare plans, and how bills will get paid in their absence. At this point, you may need to consult with them so they can help cover all of their bases.

Getting your ducks in a row, practically-wise helps prepare you for admitting yourself into rehab. After practicality is taken care of, you may need to prepare yourself mentally.

Working to de-stigmatize going to rehab means you may have to rewrite lessons you’ve been taught from family and society. Rehab doesn’t mean you’re weak or different from everyone around you.

Going to rehab means you are strong and determined to make a change. Rehab gives you the opportunity to get help so that you can live a life free of addiction symptoms and overindulgence.

It may take time to get used to the idea that rehab shouldn’t be so taboo. Positive affirmations and reinforcement from loved ones help in having a better mindset.


You don’t want to get to rehab and find out you’ve packed the wrong products or forgot your necessities at home. Look at the site of the rehab you’re going to to make sure you will be packing everything you need. If you’re not sure what you can take, don’t hesitate to call the drug rehab facility.

Most rehabilitation centers don’t allow cell phones due to people trying to get drugs into the facility. Instead of having a cell phone, opt for a musical playing device like an old iPod so you can entertain yourself through music.

For personal care items, most alcohol-based products are banned. Things like alcohol-based toners and hairspray are probably not allowed, so make sure you have everything you need to maintain personal care without packing restricted products.

For clothes, you’ll want plenty of leisurewear, athletic wear, and pajamas. You most likely won’t need a ton of nicer clothes, so the more casual, the better. Any clothes that act as comfort items for you are encouraged to be taken.

Swimwear may be packed along with clothes for working out. Depending on your facility, they may have a gym or even a pool. Otherwise, they might take you out for the day to the beach.

Working out is a great way to keep your mind off of using, so don’t forget those running shoes.

Embrace Support

The most important thing you can do when it comes to giving up drugs and going to a drug rehabilitation center is embracing support. Set your ego aside. Your pride can get in the way of taking great strides in your recovery.

Accept the help you get from your loved ones and the caretakers in rehab. Use the opportunity to grow as a person and learn from your life’s decisions.

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