How to Avoid Developing Tolerance? Kratom Users Give Tips

Kratom makes you feel good. For this very reason, some users misuse it. They take larger than required doses and develop tolerance quickly. This mars the benefits you get from taking this herb; because once you develop tolerance, you can hardly enjoy the benefits that everybody is so excitedly talking about. 

Just like every coin has two sides, kratom has two sides too. The other side is that you can get so used to it that you stop getting the desired results. However, this shouldn’t be something that happens to everybody. It depends on how you use your kratom powder or capsules, or extract. 

Taking kratom sensibly

A common adage goes, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” 

Well, this adage holds true for kratom.

You are in love with this herb. So, avoid taking it daily! No matter what those kratom articles and blogs say or what users say that they have been taking the herb daily for years. 

Here are expert opinions on using this herb, shared by many avid users who have successfully kept tolerance at bay despite using the herb for quite some time. 

What users say

According to users, avoid taking kratom daily, even if you are a newbie. You need to be sensible in the usage of kratom right from the start. 

So, suppose you took Red Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules on Monday; take them next Wednesday. Then, take them on Friday. 

Or you can take the capsules consecutively for three or four days and then give a gap of two days. 

Taking kratom in gaps does wonders. You will hardly become tolerant of this herb because your brain does not get used to it. Each time you take kratom, it produces a kind of excitement because your body knows it’s not getting this wonderful “concoction” regularly. 

It’s more of tricking your brain, says one of the users who has been taking kratom for energy for a year now and still gets the best effects at a low dose. 

Another user says, “when you take kratom sensibly, you would hardly need to increase the dose because you get the desired effects at a low dose. And this keeps you at arm’s length from any harm that the herb might do, especially to the liver or kidneys, as doctors say.”


One user who takes the red strain of kratom in Florida says, “I take a dose of 6-8 grams of Red Borneo powder due to my arthritis pain. But, I make sure I am not taking so much kratom daily. I take it thrice a week, and my body does just fine. I don’t want to become dependent on some herb to live my life.” 

How long does it take to develop tolerance?

Users who have experienced tolerance say that it takes 8-10 months of regular kratom usage to develop tolerance. 

However, many users report that they had to increase the dose after three months of daily kratom usage for pain relief. There came a time when they failed to get relief from pain at the original dose. 

So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this herb, but sensibly. Search forkratom near meand get the best quality kratom for the best effects. 

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