How To Become a Better eSports Player

Some eSports players are built on pure talent. Others have an eye for the right gear. More still have the capacity to master new games and modes with ease. So naturally, it makes sense that you’d want to be one of them. As an eSports player, there’s always room to improve and keep growing. As you up your game, you can invest in better equipment and network with other players to trade tips and strategies.

If you really want to be a better eSports player, you should consider a few smart investments to help you level up. Between choosing dedicated game server hosting so you can eliminate lag during important matches or buying a top gaming computer that comes with 2TB m.2 NVMe SSD to unlock your desktop performance. Here are some important factors you need to know to amp up your eSports skills.

Upgrade your gaming computer.


You probably picture top gamers and famous faces like Ninja, JerAx, ana, and others when you think of your favorite eSports players. Any one of these individuals is likely to have the best gaming computer build that money should buy—if you’re serious about eSports, you should, too. When you’re building a gaming PC, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the CPU, GPU, graphics card, and processor. You’ll also want to get a larger SSD for faster performance, even if you’re customizing a laptop.

On that note, while laptops are great for on-the-go matches or speedruns on your favorite Minecraft server, they aren’t usually as capable of providing the robust performance that a desktop gaming PC offers. So if you want the top gaming experience that your fellow eSports pros enjoy, consider an AMD Ryzen, a robust SSD, and a 120hz 8K monitor if at all feasible.

If you’re building the best gaming PC on a budget, prioritize speed over everything. You don’t need the best graphics, but you need raw performance to not fall behind your fellow gamers. With a speedier setup, you can keep pace with even a tricked-out rig. However, as higher-frame rate gaming becomes the standard, keep in mind that some multiplayer games and competitive software may adjust as well.

Get a dedicated server.

When you need to guarantee performance, you can’t leave your hosting to some internet stranger. After all, if your game crashes mid-match, that’s still going to end up as a loss in your book. Instead, it’s a smart idea to invest in a dedicated gaming server that can offer you consistent, unmatched performance. Whether it’s a Minecraft server or a dedicated server for mods or league matches, the right hosting platforms can help you amp up your eSports career.

To find the right dedicated servers, first-time buyers should review gameplay examples on high-end builds, see uptime reports and performance data, and set an effective budget to ensure they’re getting an affordable price. After all, if your dedicated server costs more than your winnings from eSports tournaments and competitive matches, it’s a wash.

Server reliability is also important, so don’t neglect any available information on uptime statistics. Also, if there will be server outages, it’s helpful to determine whether or not your game server hosting company provides reasonable notice so you can accommodate training or any upcoming matches. That way, you’re able to focus your attention on crushing the competition and solidifying your spot in the hall of fame.

Be patient with your progress.

Not everyone becomes a sensation overnight. Even if you have the best gaming desktop and stream on Twitch every day, it may take time for you to build a name and following. In the meantime, keep honing your skills in your favorite games, and remember that video games—even eSports—are still meant to be fun.


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