How to Buy Smart Watches in Bulk Online

Smart Watches in Bulk Online

Gone are the days when watches were a mere tool to keep track of time. Nowadays, watch designers have embraced the digital age and have started to manufacture great and cheap smartwatches.

Smartwatches are computing powerhouses that are made to make your day-to-day life easier. Most of the smartwatches can be synchronized with your phone through Bluetooth or NFC. This connection enables users to receive and view notifications without having to touch their mobile phones. 

Smartwatches are not just a device now, they have become a trend. People love to show off their tech-savvy style while wearing a futuristic gadget on their wrist while enjoying all its benefits. 

Selling wholesale smartwatches has become one of the most profitable businesses due to the widespread craze of this gadget. So, before we get to the online wholesale platforms where you can buy smartwatches, let’s discuss why people would buy them first. 

Why Would Customers Buy a Smartwatch?

More than Just a Watch

Regular watches are becoming less popular with each passing day. In today’s world, people want more value out of their product than just a single feature. This is why smartwatches are craved by people all around the world.

Instead of a single, static and boring watch face, smartwatches let you change it up, add wallpaper, or even a video as your watch face. It’s like having several watches inside one device. This encourages people to stick with one watch rather than buy multiple for different occasions.

Alongside their aesthetically pleasing features, they also come packed with many functional features that give immense value to a customer’s purchase. So it’s not just a ticking time measuring tool anymore, it’s so much more than that.

Your Fitness Coach

Many smartwatches come packed with different sensors that can assist you in fitness tracking. Having information about your body updated at every second can help optimize the workout accordingly to achieve maximum results.

Not just for fitness, but sensors like heart rate monitors and blood pressure ones help people check if there is any irregularity in their body’s systems. Some more expensive watches even automatically call emergency services if they detect any life-threatening condition of the wearer.

Travel Partner

Having GPS in your watch can help you a ton in navigation. If you are stuck driving, or even walking around in an unknown area. Simply checking your watch for directions will get you back on track in no time.

Take Calls and Reply Texts from your Wrist

If you have a smartwatch on your wrist, you no longer need to pull out your phone every time there’s an alert. You can receive calls and even reply to texts with just a few clicks on it. 

Some smartwatches come with cellular technology built-in so you won’t even need to have your phone around to receive calls and texts. If you have a habit of forgetting your phone at home, this functionality can be priceless to you.

Where to Buy Smartwatches in Bulk

In this pandemic, most of the brick and mortar distributions are bound to be closed. But lucky for you, online wholesale platforms can help you source your inventory efficiently and quickly.


Chinabrands is a Chinese company that has been into wholesale and dropshipping for some time now. They have over 30 warehouses around the world with thousands of logistics routes over 200+ regions.

They have a huge variety of smartwatches, from simpler to more feature-packed ones. A major benefit of having close connections with manufacturers is that they sell wholesale at amazingly cheap rates. Their quality control is also top-notch. 


Banggood’s main focus is on cross-border export e-commerce and strives to bring China’s efficient supply chain, goods, and customer service to the rest of the world. 

All products including a wide variety of smartwatches are reviewed and carefully tested under a strict quality control standard. The prices on the merchandise are also quite cheap even for wholesale.  

Wholesale Phone Accessories

Wholesale Phone Accessories is one of the largest factory-direct wholesale suppliers for mobile accessories and smartwatches. They usually take around 5-7 days for shipping through services like DHL, UPS, and FedEx. 

Whether you are thinking of running a mobile accessory store online or a physical shop, wholesale phone accessories is a good option. They aim to provide excellent customer service at the best prices possible in the wholesale market. 


There are many other sources to acquire smartwatches in bulk but wholesale tends to be the most reliable and cheapest option to date. Selling smartwatches is a high-profit business with little to no risk involved. Unless you source your stock full of super cheap and low-quality merchandise that will ruin your company’s reputation. So finding the right wholesale to source your inventory becomes all the more important. 

People are also jumping into the trend of wearing a high-tech gadget on their wrists which is increasing smartwatch sales rapidly. People are getting more value out of their investment while your product is being sold at high volume, it’s a win-win.

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