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How to Choose the Best Murphy Beds 2021 for You

Are you looking to buy a Murphy bed? Feeling overwhelmed with choices?

Murphy beds are some of the best beds to save space. Best of all, they can effortlessly blend in with your furniture.

But no matter how good the bed is, you don’t want to choose one that clashes with your decor and stands out in a bad way. You want to pick something that matches with the furniture you already have, while giving a room valuable extra functionality.

Keep reading to learn about the best Murphy foldaway bed 2021 and how to choose the perfect one for you.

Choose Which Room You’ll Put It In

Before you start looking at the different types of Murphy beds, you need to consider which room you’ll put the bed in. If you have a small apartment, the Murphy bed might go in your living room or even in your bedroom.

If you have another bedroom that you use as a convertible space, then you can get a Murphy bed that doubles as a useful piece of furniture.

For example, if you have a room or a den that doubles as both your office and a guest room, you can get a Murphy bed with a desk. This way, you can use your desk when you don’t have guests, and open up the Murphy bed when someone comes to visit.

Then, you can tuck away the bed when the guests leave.

Another great option for small apartments is to get a Murphy bed that’s stored inside a cabinet, such as this Murphy bed.

Not only do these types of beds come in some beautiful wood finishes, but you can add side cabinets to make the bed blend in with the furniture around it.

Pull-Down or Folding?

Murphy beds actually come in two types: pull-down and folding. A pull-down Murphy bed requires drilling because the bed has to be mounted to the wall. Only do this if you have your own house or apartment, or if you have permission from your landlord.

Meanwhile, folding Murphy beds are easier to install because they don’t need to be drilled. These are stored in a cabinet that stands on its own, and then the mattress is slid into the cabinet when it’s not being used.

But if you get a folding Murphy bed, keep in mind that it comes with its own mattress. You can always put a mattress topper on top of the mattress if you think it’s too thin.

If you need to get a custom mattress (if your guests have back pain, for example), then you may need to get a pull-down Murphy bed. These types of beds allow you to choose your mattress, so you can pick the best option for people who come to visit you often.

Check What You Have and Need

Murphy beds can come in cabinets or can double as desks, bunk beds, and even as a library. But if you already have some of this furniture, then you’re just making your living space cluttered.

This is why you need to check what you already have, so you don’t end up buying unnecessary furniture.

For example, even if you pick the best Murphy bed with a desk, you’re adding to clutter if you don’t need a desk. Instead, think about whether the room could use some extra shelves.

This would be a great option for an office, den, or second bedroom, as you can add to the ambiance of the room while keeping your decor functional.

Pick a Size

Although Murphy beds come in the standard bed sizes, such as a queen Murphy bed and a twin Murphy bed, you need to think about who will be sleeping in the bed.

If you know only kids are going to be sleeping in the bed, then you can go for a smaller size like a twin.

But if someone very tall is going to be sleeping in the bed, then you might want to consider a queen or even a king.

And once you’ve figured out who will sleep in the bed, it’s time to measure bed size. The general rule of thumb is to get a bed that’s 4 inches longer than the tallest person who will sleep in the bed.

Remember to take a look and see if you already have bedsheets for your required size of bed. If you don’t, you’ll have to factor another set of sheets into your budget.

Pick a Color

The best Murphy bed is one whose colors match the furniture you already have. For best results, match warm colors like red, yellow, and brown together, and cool colors like blue and purple together.

So if your decor has light and warm colors, think about getting a color of wood that works well with this color scheme, like brown. If you have a modern and minimalist apartment, then solid white might be a good match.

And if you have an industrial-style apartment, for example, then black might be the way to go. If the Murphy bed is going in a kid’s room, then you can look at fun, bright colors like orange.

Don’t forget to consider the hardware of your Murphy bed and the hardware in the room with the bed (or the rest of your house). For example, if you have a lot of brass hardware in your house, think about the handles of your Murphy bed and how they fit with these colors.

Remember that you can also put decorations in the space around your Murphy bed, such as adding colorful photo frames to the shelves.

Choose the Best Murphy Beds 2021

A Murphy bed is the perfect option to save space while giving your guests a comfortable place to sleep. They’re a great option if you don’t have guests often or if you have a small living space.

We hope this guide helped you figure out how to choose the best Murphy beds 2021.

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