How to Choose the Best Tree Service for Your Needs

If you need to have trees on your property trimmed or removed, it’s important to choose the best tree service for the job. There are many tree services out there, so how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips on how to choose the best tree service.

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1. Do Your Research

The best way to find a quality tree service is to ask around. Your neighbors may have had a tree service before, and be able to recommend one. You should also check online for reviews of local companies in your area. The company’s website can tell you a lot about the type of work they do and their experience, so you should spend time reading it carefully.

2. Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Once you have narrowed down some potential companies to call for an estimate, get quotes from them all before making a decision on which one to hire. While prices should not dictate whether or not you select a particular company (you must consider other factors as well), it never hurts to compare and contrast offers that come your way.

3. Don’t Pay Extra for Services You Can Do Yourself

If the company wants to remove the tree stump, be sure that you aren’t paying extra money for work that you could do yourself with a little time and effort. If they are trimming trees or cutting branches, make sure their quote includes all necessary work without any hidden charges. Find out if they will haul away debris before you agree to have them do any major pruning or uprooting of plants. Consider having your own helpers instead of hiring professional services if you think the job is outside your capabilities or budget.

4. Review Their Safety Protocols

Before allowing anyone accesses to your property to cut down trees, check out the safety precautions plan to take first. Some tree services will have their employees wearing hard hats, while others may not. Ask the company what they require of their employees to keep everyone safe while doing work on your property.

5. Be Sure They Are Insured Up-to-Date

Even if you are hiring an individual who wants to trim or cut down trees on your property for cash, be sure that they are insured up-to-date for liability should someone get injured or if the damage is done to your home during that process. If you hire a professional stump removal omaha company, then the workman’s compensation insurance should automatically cover both you and the crew.

6. Do The Job Right

Of course, this goes without saying, but having quality means getting quality results. If a company does not do what they said they were going to, or if they don’t follow through with promises or guarantees, then you have every right to complain and ask for your money back.

7. Make Sure They Clean Up After Themselves

Tree service companies usually do a fine job of cleaning up after themselves, however, it is good practice to clean up yourself as well. Take the time afterward to remove any tree limbs and branches from your property, as well as rake up debris and fallen leaves. This way you will come home to a neater yard instead of one that resembles a disaster zone.    

When hiring a tree service out of necessity or simply because you want more trees trimmed, speak to several local companies before making a final decision. Follow these tips to choose the best tree service for your needs.

8. Look for a Company Specializing in the Type of Work You Need

If you need a tree removed or if your trees just need some heavy pruning, hiring a general tree service company that offers multiple services may not be ideal. Instead, look for one that is specialized in what you want done to save time and money. This way you only have to contact them for this type of work instead of having different companies come out with different quotes.

9. Read Reviews on Them and Their Workers

Even if they seem like an average but local company, reading reviews can tell you what others think about the vendor’s workers as well as their overall performance. Some companies hire sub-contracted employees, so it never hurts to check into any individual workers background on sites like LinkedIn.

10. Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

If you have no desire to do the research yourself, then ask friends and family who they used in the past for tree service. If they are pleased with their work, chances are that you will be just as satisfied. That being said, it also doesn’t hurt to ask them how much they paid either; this can help determine if a price quote is reasonable or not.

Many local companies offer free quotes when you call, so take advantage of this benefit! With these tips in mind, choose the best tree service for your needs and save time and money by doing all your research beforehand. Remember: spending more money does not mean getting better results!

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