How to Choose the Right High Pressure Diesel Water Pump

A high diesel water pressure pump is used in various applications across multiple sections for cutting and cleaning purposes. They are used in industrial means such as; offshore cleaning, floor cleaning, or heat exchanging cleaning applications.

They push water out at higher speeds with little strain. This article entails worth referencefor the pump before purchase.

How do you select the right water pump when so many options exist? Do you prefer the engine-driven or electric-driven water pump? Worry no more; this simple guide will provide essential tips when choosing the product. This article suits you best if you are considering water pumps for the first time.

Below are some factors to put into consideration when buying a high-pressure diesel water pump.

The rate of flow

It is how effective the diesel water pump is. The flow rate is the time the pump uses to siphon a particular volume of water.

When you have to utilize the pump for farms or building sites, you should buy one that can pump over 2600 liters in a minute. It is most suitable for home use for a pump that has a flow rate between 120 – 240 liters in a minute.

The inlet’s size

The inlet size for most pumps range from 1 to 7 inches but can also exceed in some situations. Centrifugal pumps function similarly, that is, they suck water in and discharge it to the outlet faucet. For this, more water is pumped out and at a faster rate, when the inlet size of the valve is large.

The quality of the pump

It would help if you always considered the brand of the diesel water pump. Its engine or motor also tells the quality of the pump. It is evident that the pump’s rate strongly influencesthe cost of the high pressure diesel water pump Kenya.

The Maximum Pressure and Head

It is the most extended length in relation to the height the diesel water pump can pump the water. If you get an optimum head of sixty meters pump and attempt to pump the water to higher levels, the rate of flow will be nil.

The pump type you select should have a higher or maximum head compared to the height that the water is to be pumped.

The water to be pumped

One should significantly consider the water that is to be pumped. Firefighting pumps are distinct from transfer pumps.

Different types of water have different densities and flow with varying amounts of pressure. Other pump types comprise trash pumps and chemical pumps.

Material and power

The material of the pump mustbe weather-resistant for exposure uses. It will enhance its durability to last for a longer lifespan.

The power of the pump should mainly include the flow rate and horsepower.


When purchasing a water pump, you should consider these factors that confirm that your product will function well.

This article contains all the information you may use before purchasing a high-pressure diesel water pump. For more, check high pressure water pump price in Kenya.

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