How to control your sweet tooth?

There is a pure form of love, and that is called sweet tooth. People can disappoint, but sugar, it will always be there for you. 

From the sweet mother-load of caramel latte to the heavenly slice of cheesecake, from the chocolate bar to the addictive candies, we know it all, sugar. 

Unfortunately, like all good bad things, sugar is also bad for you –thank you world for the irony. Indulging in too much sugar has a grave impact on your health 

Unmoderated love for sugar also leads to health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and ruined pearly whites. As all it offers are empty calories, having a weakness for sugar also then posits the risk for obesity, that if not managed with the aid of the Best Dietitians in Aga Khan University Hospital, can further jeopardize health. 

What’s the game plan now?

Since we have established that sugar is bad, it is time to implement some practice tips in helping you improve your dependence on it. 

Start off with breakfast 

Many breakfast cereals, or well all of the good ones, are coated with sugar –no wonder they are so good. Since you need to set off the day right, and this is the sugar you didn’t even know you were consuming, it is time to reassess the breakfast choice. 

You can try other types of healthier cereals. Better yet, you can have a hearty bowl of yogurt and fruit with some cheese and milk for a good and healthy breakfast. 

Ditch the extra 

There are so many things that contain heaps of sugar, unbeknownst to you. If you want to have cheat day here and there, you should ditch these extras, so your body is not overloaded with sugar. 

Sauces, ketchups, and other processed foods of this sort contain high levels of sugar. One effective way to prevent sneaky sugar consumption is by reading labels. 

Cut the can 

Sugar is not just what you eat, but what you drink as well. Most fruit packs and sodas that you love and drink without a second thought have sugar like nobody’s business. You chug back on these cans, not realizing how much sugar you are pumping in your body. 

The solution is simple; substitute all these with water. Happy hydration to you too!

Pack your lunch 

You might be tempted to give into sugar when you are hungry. It is easier to give into the hazelnut mocha when your stomach is growling, but if you have had timely meal, chances are there is less room in your stomach for it. 

Furthermore, many people struggle with weakened resolved to fight sugar, when they are already fighting the battle of hunger. Hence, make sure you pack your lunch and have healthy snacks on you so that you don’t starve yourself. 

Treat yourself 

Occasionally, it is okay to have some sugar, sugar. Some of the desserts are phenomenal, and it is okay to treat yourself. Seeking out pleasure in food can be tricky, but as long as you do not give into binging, you are good to go. 

One helpful trick is to tell yourself that you are going to taste it, not eat it. After a few bites, when you have gotten your fix, stop. Training yourself this way is not only good for your health, but it also helps you become more in control in the face of your weakness for sweets. 

Understand why you need sugar

At times, what we crave is not the sugar, but the comfort that it brings. Therefore, it is important to understand why you are craving sugar so badly. 

Furthermore, we also crave sugar when there are more bad bacteria in our gut. If your digestive health is something that you struggle with, you should try to seek help of the Dietitian in Lahore to remedy the problem. 

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