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How To Create A Steampunk Party

Steampunk is a fun and unique way to get your guests in the mood for your next party. But, if you don’t know how to pull off this theme, it can be intimidating. The most important thing to remember is that steampunk goggles are a must. In this article, I’ll show you how to create a steampunk party with ease—and on any budget!

Plan the date.

Planning your date should be a fun part of the process. It’s a great excuse to get together with friends, and you’ll want to enjoy every aspect of planning it. But at the same time, there are some things you need to consider before setting a date:

  • Choose a date that is free from other commitments. You want to make sure that this party isn’t going on during any major holidays so that guests won’t have other plans already made for them. If you’re having it during Halloween or Christmas, then people might not be able to attend because they’re busy celebrating with their own families and friends (and no one wants their steampunk party overshadowed by someone else’s).
  • Pick an appropriate time of year for your party. Steampunk parties can take place all year round depending on what time period and location of your choice; however, if possible try avoiding spring and summer as these tend not work out very well due to weather conditions such as rain or heat waves which could prevent guests from attending due to potential health risks associated with either situation respectively so keep those factors in mind when selecting dates!

Create a dress code.

You’ll want to design a dress code for your party. “Steampunk” is a loose term that can refer to any costume that’s inspired by Victorian-era fashion, which means you can use it as an excuse for anything from corsets to top hats. You could also designate a specific type of clothing or accessory—a white vest, for example—and let guests pick their own styles within those parameters. Or create an overall theme and get people who love it to dress up in steampunk costumes! If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could even try making some yourself with some basic sewing skills (it’s not hard!)

Victorian goggles are a great way to make everyones’ costume standout so make sure to add it to the costume requirements.

Send out invitations.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, the next step is to send out invitations. Choose your font wisely and make sure it reflects the theme. For this party, we used a steampunk font for our invitations and RSVP cards that we found online—it was very simple!

If you’re feeling particularly creative, try designing your own steampunk-themed envelope by drawing gears or cogs on an envelope template and cutting around them with scissors. You could also print out a copy of one of these free envelopes from Etsy or make one yourself using a stencil or stamping tool (just be careful not to get ink everywhere).

If you’d rather be more hands off with your invites but still want them to reflect your theme, there are plenty of options available online at sites like Etsy! You can even find pre-made ones that come in fun shapes like gears and cogs if they’re not too expensive; just make sure they fit within budget before purchasing anything custom made!

Rent or purchase props.

You’ll want to set the stage for your guests by providing fun props at the party. This can be done in a number of ways, from simply decorating the tables with Victorian props (an antique teacup, lace tablecloth) or renting props for your party guests to wear.

Masks are an easy way to give your guests some flair at your steampunk party. You can also add to their steampunk costume by providing them with goggles, corsets and accessories like pocket watches and top hats if they need them!

Set up the food and drinks.

Set up the food and drinks.

How you serve your food and drink depends on how many people you’re inviting over, but there are a few things you can do to make sure it’s perfect for a steampunk party:

  • If you want to serve buffet style, find some industrial-looking plates or bowls (or buy them) for your guests’ food. You can also set up a few appetizer stations with different foods so everyone has something to snack on while they’re talking.
  • Or if you have enough room, have someone bring out platters of steampunk-inspired finger foods—like mini sandwiches or sausages wrapped in bacon—and serve them in small glass vessels like vases and mason jars. This will give guests something nicer than paper plates to eat off of!
  • If serving drinks isn’t too much work for your host or hostess, consider getting some fun steampunk glasses from an online store like Amazon (with free shipping). Then fill them with punch before passing them around at the party!

Create interactive games.

You don’t want to spend the whole party setting up games, so make it easy on yourself. The good news is that steampunk doesn’t require a lot of materials for your party, so it won’t be hard to find supplies.

You can create interactive games with everyday items like buttons and wooden spoons. You could also use things like straws, paperclips, pipe cleaners and pieces of fabric or ribbon. If you have any scrapbooking supplies at home—like stickers or stamps—those may come in handy too!

One of my favorite games from the last steampunk party I went to was called “the button game”: guests were given three buttons each and they had to find ways to attach them together without using their hands (only their mouths). It was hilarious because everyone tried so hard not to laugh out loud as they tried different methods (one person even bit down on his button!). It took about five minutes for the group to finish playing this game but we all had fun watching each other try new methods for solving this challenge!

Select steampunk music.

Select steampunk music.

Steampunk is a genre of music, so it’s easy to find songs that fit the theme. You can listen to some examples of steampunk music on Spotify or Pandora by searching for “steampunk” or browsing through lists like this one [link]. If you’re looking for a playlist that covers every era and style of steampunk, try this one [link].

Get creative with your decorations.

  • Find an interesting centerpiece. Something to catch people’s eyes and make them ask about it, or something that looks like it belongs in the era of steampunk. A kaleidoscope is a great choice for this. It can be beautiful and mesmerizing, but also serve as a conversation starter: what are you looking at? Is this a real clockwork mechanism?
  • Steampunk costumes are always fun! And they’re not hard to find these days—just search Etsy or eBay for steampunk clothing and accessories (or use some of the tips in our previous guide). If you don’t have time or money to buy one online, try making your own with items from around the house. Your guests will love dressing up and feeling like they’re part of your party world!
  • Steampunk goggles are another fun option if you want to give your guests something small-but-unique as party favors: just stick some glass lenses in empty cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls and add elastic bands so they fit comfortably on everyone’s heads! If you really want to go all out with these little extras then try making them yourself using this simple tutorial by Boing Boing writer Xeni Jardin who even includes instructions for turning gold paint into real 24k gold leaf spray paint (which sounds delicious). You could even make versions out of colored acetate sheets if that suits better than paper towel rolls—just remember that anything plastic will melt if exposed directly under heat sources like candles so keep those flames away from any decorations made out of plastic such as these goggles unless their intended purpose is actually just burning very slowly over time until nothing remains except ashes…


Now that you have all the information you need to throw a steampunk party, it’s time to get started! Remember that the key to creating an awesome event is to have fun with it and not take yourself too seriously. Steampunk kaleidoscope goggles are a great way to stand out and set the mood. So, go ahead and get creative with your decorations—you can use anything from construction paper and glue sticks to vintage buttons and old maps. And don’t forget about those steampunk music tracks—after all, isn’t there something about listening to a gramophone playing timeless tunes while sipping on some bourbon or gin?

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