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How to Eliminate Algae and Mold From Your Home?

Your home is your happy place and you would never want your happy place to turn into a residence filled with fungus and mold. But, due to improper care and changing weather conditions, especially in times of monsoon, algae, and molds accompany your house walls and floors. Not only does the beauty of your house diminish but also the chances of bacterial infection elevates.

Do not worry, these are some common problems which every house faces. And, there are some effective solutions to these temporary problems. Your home may become a breeding ground for fungus, but with your slightest efforts, you can again transform your home into a clean surrounding.

●    Look for Leaks

The outer walls of your rooms might appear to be perfectly fine, but you cannot judge a book by its cover. Check for the leaks and don’t ignore the molds. The corners have might have accumulated fungus which is not visible to you. Do an in-depth check and use algae remover to put off these fungi from your walls and floors. You need to inspect the spot closely and trace it to the doors, they might have outside leaks as well. Dampness and moisture enhance these molds, so make sure you dry the place and stop them from breeding.

●    Inspect the Ceiling or Ductwork

Your ceiling may accumulate molds under the ducts without any roof leak, the cause for this can be cloistered ductworks. The moist air or moistened spaces might fill up the ductwork, meanwhile, it may lead to condensation. Condensation is a sign of missing vapor and insulated ductwork. Moisture or moisture resistance is the thing you need to inspect.

●    Check if It is Mold or Dirt

You might get confused as accumulated dirt may look like mold, but you might check if even after cleaning the stains come back, it is mold. Dirt gets cleaned in a go, you can use HG cleaning kits for efficient cleaning and improved results. Also, molds need more attention and some more effort. Mold removal kits are also available, try to use them and eliminate the mold.

●    Take Special Care During Monsoon

Monsoon comes with dampness, wet areas, wet clothes, moist linings, etc. They assist these algae to develop and breed. So, you must take special care during the monsoon season. Put wet clothes in a laundry basket, do not let your walls get wet, store food in air-tight containers, use antimicrobial sprays which are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and make your work easy. Your main focus should be to not let the moisture build up and start making surroundings dry. Keep moisture absorbers to prevent dampness.

Final Verdict

Your indoor surrounding has become unhealthy with algae and molds all over, your walls have lost their grace due to breeding fungus, stop worrying. We have listed some of the most efficient and simple tips for you so that you can eliminate these unwanted substances from your home and resume your daily life peacefully.

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