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How to Find and Hire an SEO Consultant Sydney

Finding and hiring an SEO consultant Sydney that you can work with in the long term is often not an easy task. Unless you get some quality referrals from business associates, you have to start the search from the scratch.

To make your search more effective and fruitful, there are a couple of tips that can help you through the process. It is crucial to do your due diligence so you can get a reputable team that will work with you for the long haul. Here are some tips that you can use to find and hire a good SEO consultant Sydney.

Use your Professional Networks

There is a high chance that many in your professional networks have used the service of an SEO consultant Sydney and can recommend at least one person. Therefore, ask them for recommendations. You can start with your social networks on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other professional social networks that you may belong to.

You can send them private messages and request that they recommend any SEO consultant that they have worked with. The advantage of using this method is that there is a better chance of getting a reputable consultant to work with. Your professional networks would only recommend someone they trust and who they have probably worked with.

Do a Quick Search of Top-rated SEO Consultant Sydney

Many sites can help you find and hire decent SEO consultants in Sydney. Sites such as Thumbtack, Upcity, Clutch, and offer reliable information on top-rated professionals in different fields. You can shortlist a few options that are located around you and visit their websites to see what they offer. When you visit their website, take the time to read up on their “About Us” page and work portfolio. Check to see if they offer the services that you need. You can also send them an email to request their client list so you could back-check with them on their experiences with the SEO consultant Sydney.

Read up Independent Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Do not depend on only the reviews that clients have left on your prospective SEO consultant Sydney website. Instead, check 3rd-party websites and read reviews from clients that have used their services.

Beyond the reviews, take the time to check the types of clients that the SEO consultant has worked with and the type of projects they have done. You should also check the results they have achieved.

Review SEO Blogs from Prospective SEO Consultant Sydney

How has the MoversBoost SEO consultant fare in creating SEO-rich content for their website? You should take some time to check the blogs on the site to see how search engine optimized they are.

You may also search for keywords related to their sites to see how they rank on search engines. If the consultant cannot optimize their site, you should wonder how they plan to optimize yours.

Attend Local Meet-Ups and Professional Networking Events for SEO Consultants

When you have a one-on-one meeting with SEO consultants, it can significantly reduce your search time. You can easily identify the kind of professional that will be a perfect fit to work with your team and help you achieve your business goals.

It is recommended that you have a list of questions to ask potential SEO consultants during the meet-ups so that you can have meaningful discussions with them before hiring them.


Although finding and hiring an SEO consultant Sydney is not an easy task, the reward of finding a reputable company is unquantifiable. Therefore, take your time to find the right hand. This post has shared five different tips to follow to find and hire a reputable SEO consultant Sydney.

Follow each tip and you can be sure of finding someone that will work with you to achieve your organizational goals both in the short-term and long term.

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