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How to fix a leaking roof from the outside


Alt Text: View of roof shingles at an angle.

Roof problems can become costly and disruptive if left untouched or unchecked. For instance, a small leak can cause serious problems to your home’s interior and it can even be the start of issues like mould and mildew. Whenever a leak happens at home – even if it’s small, it’s a must that you have it sorted out immediately. Here’s how you can get rid of that pesky leak.

  • Finding The Leak

The very first step towards fixing a leak is to find it first of course. The easiest way to do so is by heading to the room that’s directly under the roof. If you have an attic, then this is the place to be in. Some people suggest doing this during the day as the sunlight will peak through holes in the roof, making them easier to find.

While that method is effective, some leaks are small enough that you won’t even be able to notice the leak itself. Another easy method is to look around the room after it rained hard. If there is a leak – big or small, there’s going to be a small wet area on the floor.

Finding that small puddle will give you a general direction of the leak’s location.

  • Roof Repair Preparations

You’re going to want to come prepared if you are headed to your roof to fix a leak. For starters, make sure that you wear shoes with rubber soles so that you don’t slip and fall. When going up, make sure to have a stable ladder to support you as well. 

Roof repair experts here at Brisbane Roof And Paint say that the job comes with its risk. As such, they are properly equipped and trained not just to fix roofs, but to stay safe on-site as well. Just one small misstep can lead to serious injuries. Some are even fatal.

Apart from your safety gear, you should also bring a cement caulk gun or a roof sealant. If it’s a small leak, these should be more than enough to fix the problem. For bigger leaks, you might have to take off some shingles and then patch out the affected area as well.

Lastly, make sure to bring some cleaning tools like a broom and a damp cloth before going up. These are important for the next step of the process.

  • Clean The Area

Using your broom or rake, thoroughly sweep the part of the roof where the leak is in. It’s vital that you remove all the debris and foreign materials on the roof. Once all those are removed, use the damp cloth to treat the affected area. The goal here is to remove as much of the dust as possible.


Alt Text: View of tools on roof.

Why is cleaning the area so important? If you don’t clean the affected area, the sealant or the caulk you’re going to use will stick on the dirt and debris instead of the surface itself. There’s a chance that the seal won’t last long. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when fixing leaks on their roofs.

  • Sealing The Leak

Last but most important is the sealing process. When sealing the affected area, make sure that you be as thorough as possible. There shouldn’t be any holes water can seep into. Apply your sealant, leave it to dry, and then test it out first.

The best way to test it out is by pouring some water over it and having someone else below check if the leak persists. If there’s still some leaks that happen, then you must’ve improperly placed the sealant.

In some cases, you’ll need to take off the shingle or even replace it if the leak is situated there. If this is the case, make sure you have a replacement in hand before heading up.

You need to understand that not all leaks can be fixed with DIY hacks. The method we’ve said above is pretty straightforward and simple. However, there’s only so much that cement caulk or waterproof sealants can do for your roof. Eventually, you’re going to have to call the pros for help.

The fix above is best reserved for emergency quick fixes. If you’re lucky, this type of fix will get you through a couple of months. 

Professional roof repair companies can offer leak repair services that can last for years. The best value service we can offer you is giving your roof a new coat of paint that also comes with waterproofing.

Whether it’s big or small, leaks are not something that you’d want to overlook. Such problems can turn out to be even bigger ones if you leave them be. By fixing your roof problems fast, you’ll free yourself from heavy roof repairs and other damages to your home.

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