How to get health insurance for self-employed truck drivers

If you are a self-employed truck driver, then you understand better than most how complicated the process of getting health insurance coverage can be. From rates and deductibles to verification requirements for pre-existing conditions and age, there’s a lot to think about before applying for short-term or permanent health coverage.

How to get health insurance for yourself

Self-employed truck drivers have to think hard about how to find affordable critical illness insurance coverage for themselves. Most truckers decide that purchasing health insurance is not worth the cost of dying without it.  Some companies may have truck driver health insurance, but those are expensive. Many self-employed truckers rely on government health insurance for benefits. In most cases, the process to sign up for these programs is pretty quick, and you’re covered from the moment you enrol. If you’re too young or too old to work for these corporations, health insurance resources are primarily very limited in later life. Making your way across the nation might be difficult if no company provides you with private health insurance coverage that can actually save your life.

Health Insurance for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers may have difficulty securing health insurance coverage as they are classified as self-employed. Truckers may be eligible for a variety of QHP plans with individual carrier pre-screening based on the ACA. If a truck driver becomes injured during the course of their work, falling from a cargo lift 200 feet or injuring an arm or hand in transit, they are automatically covered for short-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. They can receive benefits through either Medicare or Medicaid if they are retired. If they are out of work because of their injury, they may be able to get help paying for more care at rehabilitation centres and hospitals. Truck drivers are also eligible for some employee insurance plans that cover accidents on the road like military plans.

What type of health coverage do truck drivers have?

Truck drivers aren’t actually guaranteed healthcare by the Affordable Care Act; their coverage is determined by the state that they are working in. However, that doesn’t mean the ACA doesn’t allow them to acquire health insurance.

What kind of coverages can a trucking company purchase?

With a self-employed truck driver or contractor, insurance is not as straightforward as it might seem. Trucking companies must purchase health care coverages to protect their drivers from injury or death during work hours. However, these coverages must be purchased independently and contracts drawn up if the driver needs worker’s compensation, disability, hospitalization, or nursing home coverage.

Can I get health insurance for myself from my trucking company?

One mistake truck drivers make is thinking they can’t get health insurance. Yet trucking companies are required to provide health insurance for their drivers, and it provides a lot of benefits. Truckers can apply for health insurance through the trucking company or outside sources.


You may qualify for an individual health and wellness plan through your employer, state Medicaid, Healthy California, Medi-Cal and other government financed programs.


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