How To Get Your Song on Spotify, Apple Music and All Major Streaming Platforms?

If you are a musician or an artist, then you can be famous only when more and more people listen to you. You must know how to sell your songs online. This is where you will need a service provider like MusicDigi who can help you to become famous.

If with their help you can somehow manage to get your music on Spotify then you will be able to reach a huge number of listeners. Any artist can easily get the benefits through such services and can become famous. 

Therefore, we will discuss in this post, how you can get your performances on various online media like Spotify or Apple Music, and all other platforms, which may not be as difficult as many artists may tend to believe. 

How can you update your image on iTunes or Apple music?

As an artist, if you want to put your music on iTunes then you need to create your profile that will be displayed online. All your fans will know exactly who you are.

There are useful templates provided by Apple for making sure that your image as an artist should look at its best. All that you need to do is contact the support team of MusicDigi who will help you Photoshop your image and upload it within 24 hours. 

To sell your music online, you may pay attention to the following content consideration:

  • Your photo must be a minimum of 2400 by 2400 pixels. Make sure that it is in a square shape with a resolution of at least 72 dpi with RGB color space. Ensure that photo format must be JPG or PNG.
  • It must be only the artist’s photo 
  • No graphics, words, borders, logos, etc. must be present
  • Avoid increasing any smaller sized images for meeting the minimum size requirement
  • Must conform to the photo template of Apple.

MusicDigi has made it quite cheap, fast, and simple to sell your music on Amazon by offering popular streaming services worldwide. You can publish all your music’s on iTunes by paying a fee that starts from $9.99 to publish your single and the amount of $29.99 for uploading an album.

How can you get your music’s on a playlist on Spotify? 

As long as all your songs have already been distributed to Spotify and are slated for release, you can now submit them to their playlists immediately through your Spotify for Artists account. (Submitted with a release date in the future)

It is very important to set your future release date particularly when you would like to set up your release in MusicDigi. You must release your performance a minimum of three weeks before the date of release for pitching your release and get your music on TikTok.

However, MusicDigi always recommends a minimum of 30 days or a little more days (if you can) before the day of your desired release date. In case you are a little unsure of which date you must choose, then prefer any Friday that is six weeks.

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