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How to increase the number of followers on Instagram

8 best services for gaining live followers in Instagram

The number of Instagram users has crossed the 64 million mark, and every blogger or expert dreams of having thousands of active followers. Live followers provide high reach, and with reach, more and more people see a blogger’s content.

If you need to get the right number of subscribers to Instagram right now, then can help. In addition, you can increase views and likes on Tik Tok, YouTube and Telegram channels. Everything is simple and straightforward.

But what about when you just started blogging and only your spouse, a couple of friends and relatives are among the subscribers? Even with interesting content, users who come to the page see a modest number of subscribers, consider the page frivolous and leave.

One option to accelerate the growth of the account is the recruitment of live subscribers. There are various services for this purpose. Below – a selection of the best of them.


TapLike is a young service for scoring activity and subscribers on social networks. Service will be useful for beginners who want to create the appearance of people and those who have long maintained their page. Quickly find subscribers, views and likes on your social networks can also be found at

You can order three types of followers for Instagram – economy, standard and premium. The premium rate includes high-quality accounts and a live Russian audience.

The fastest way to get live subscribers is through “Quick Order” on the main page of the site:

    1. Select “Instagram.”
    2. From the menu on the left, select “Subscribers.”
    3. Next, select the “Premium” rate, enter the number of followers and the link to your Instagram page.
    4. Click the “Checkout” button and fill out the form.

After the order is placed, the password to enter your personal account and information about the created order will be sent to the specified e-mail address.


To test the service, you can first use the free packages:

    • Likes – offer and live (5 likes can be ordered for free).
    • Views on videos – 20 views.

There is no free followering. And you can order paid through a simple menu on the site:

    1. In the list of services, select Instagram.
    2. On the new page will be sections with types of services and in each – different packages. Scroll down to the section “Adding Subscribers”.
    3. Select the rate – (all performers come from advertising. There are rates with a guarantee of up to 30 and 60 days).
    4. To order you need to register on the site. After registration, you can gain from 100 to several thousand followers.


YouToSubs is a promotion service in Instagram through active followers.

The principle of the service is simple: you go to the site, register as a customer and select the required number of active followers. The activity of the followers includes:

    • Subscriptions;
    • Viewers Stories;
    • Likes of posts;
    • + Comments on posts and adding to friends in the rate “SUPER ACTIVE”.

The main difference from other services is that you get only real subscribers and real activity on your page. Developers YouToSubs guarantee that their performers not only subscribe to the customer’s page, but will like and comment on the publication.

To exclude bots, the accounts of performers have strict requirements

    • The account is at least six months old;
    • On the avatar – photo;
    • More than 15 photos on the wall;
    • No more than 600 subscriptions;
    • Not less than 40 subscribers.

The service has a free trial period of 2 weeks. During this time you get the first 50 followers – all they will subscribe to your page, get the likes on publications, watch the stories, and 10 of them will comment on the posts.


PrSkill – live promotion service in social networks.

The owners of the site indicate that they are guided by the following principles when providing services:

    • Safety – no fraudulent schemes and actions that violate the rules of using Instagram and other platforms;
    • Very low prices;
    • Verified live performers.

To order subscribers:

    1. From the site menu, select the “Instagram” icon. From the drop-down list, select “Subscribers.”
    2. Decide on quality – overall quality, with warranty, without warranty, male or female, recommended (best on the market), delayed, low price (with charges), etc.
    3. Select the order parameters – launch speed, audience (bots or live), quantity, guarantee, attraction speed (maximum you can get no more than 10 000 users).
    4. Provide a link to your profile.

The order will be filled within 48 hours, small delays are possible if you are in line to them.

The site states that one of the benefits of the service is a guarantee against unsubscribes – if you choose a package without charges, you will get 100% reliable followers who will stay with you.


SmoService is another automated system for promotion in social networks.

Features of the service:

    • Operates since 2013;
    • Provides not only services for recruitment, but also a range of works to promote businesses and projects;
    • There are discounts and cashback;
    • Guarantees on orders fulfillment;
    • Affiliate program is available – you can invite others to your link and receive bonuses;
    • There are subscriptions for new and regular customers with more favorable conditions.

To gain an audience, follow these steps:

1 Select the Instagram icon on the home page.

2 The site will move to a new section. Here, instead of the usual form for setting up an order, a list of subscriptions is presented.

3 There are several options for subscriptions:

    • economy (foreign bots);
    • Economy+ (for those who already have 1 million followers);
    • standard;
    • standard+ (for pages with millions of followers);
    • business (with a function to restore the number of followers in the case of unsubscribes);
    • premium and premium + (higher quality accounts);
    • Deluxe – active live subscribers.

4 Click “Subscribe” and select the number of followers you want. You can order from 700 to 150,000 subscribers.

The platform uses “white” methods of promotion – attracting followers through targeted advertising and advertising from bloggers. After the first order, the client is given a discount, and the site is constantly acting various promotions, such as holiday promotions.


In the service SmmBoom you can order live subscribers, as well as activity (likes, comments, views, saves). There is a support chat, pages and channels on almost all popular platforms.

To gain an audience you need to perform simple actions:

    1. Select a social network – Instagram.
    2. Select the type of service – “Live followers”.
    3. Decide on the tariff. The minimum rate is 400 followers. You can order an audience of 400 to 100,000. Here you also specify your email and a link to your profile.

Advantages of the service:

    • The order will be completed within an hour.
    • Guarantees – you can restore the audience in case of unsubscribes.
    • Low prices (lower than the market prices ~ 2 times).
    • Only live subscribers – active, trusted.
    • Compliance with all the rules of social networks and taking into account Instagram algorithms.

After ordering on the site is automatically registered your personal account where you can view the history and status of orders.


At Flexsmm you can order a boost not only in Instagram, but also in other social networks and messengers. For those who are in the service’s Telegram channel, they periodically receive promo codes, promotions and gifts when ordering services.

You can order a boost without registering on the site. It is enough to perform a series of actions on the main page:

    1. Select the site – Instagram.
    2. Choose a service – subscriptions, likes, comments, saves, view stories, rils, visits to the page (each service must be ordered separately).
    3. Choose a rate.

“Premium” – for the recruitment of live active followers (promise no unsubscribes);

“Verified accounts” – recruiting users who have between 30 000 and 5 million subscribers. These people will come to your page and stay on it for life (will not unsubscribe on their own initiative).

The site has limits – you can’t get less than 500 subscribers and more than 20,000. Also, the owners guarantee that they will refund your money if the ordered users will not come to your page.


Likemania is another live subscriber recruitment service.

You can gain subscribers both in Instagram and other networks. On the left side of the site there is a small checkout section:

    1. Select the site – Instagram.
    2. In the drop-down list, find the service “followers”.
    3. Next, select “live.”
    4. Enter your Instagram username and email.
    5. Select the number of followers – minimum 10, maximum 50,000.

The percentage of unsubscribes is 5-15%.

The site states that all followers are of good quality, with filled accounts and active actions. When you recharge in your personal account, you get a discount. The more refills, the greater the discount, the maximum discount is 50%.


In the service Socialhype you can choose any popular platform and order actions on your account:

    • Follower;
    • Viewers;
    • Likes;
    • Comments;
    • Participation in live broadcasts, etc.

The developers claim that the service helps to promote new accounts and does not lead to a dead audience, which, on the contrary, reduces the engagement index.

Among the pluses of the service:

    • Speed – the order is fulfilled immediately after checkout;
    • There is technical support, which responds in telegram, in the chat on the website and to emails;
    • Compliance with all the rules of using Instagram and other social networks, which means a low probability of a shadow ban, blocking, etc.;
    • Guarantee – the money is refunded if the order is not fulfilled, but returned to the account on the site.

Minus service – there is a minimum threshold for the order, for example, you can order a minimum of 100 followers in Instagram. A large volume can lead to negative consequences for the account.

All of the services presented are good tools to get started. But in the future you need an audience that will come because of the quality of the content, because of the interest of your personality. Only in this way can you constantly develop your account and become popular.

Introducing a Solution to Increase Real Followers and Replace the Use of Services 

Another one of the most effective marketing activities on Instagram that you can draw the attention of others to your page is sending direct messages to contacts. Since direct messages are sent in private to each person, you are sure that your message will be read by the recipient, and this is the advantage of “sending DMs”. But if you want to draw people’s attention to your page by sending DMs, you should go to the pages that are active in your field of work. For example, you should extract the username of people who followed your competitors or colleagues, liked their post or commented and send your advertising messages directly to these usernames. 

However, repeating this process manually every day is difficult and time-consuming. It is practically impossible for you to manually find the usernames of your target audience and send your ads to the mass of these usernames. To do this, you need a tool that will automatically run this process for you. One of the best available software products for advertising and marketing on Instagram is the v-User Instagram Mass DM Bot. To get more information about the many features and details of this software package, visit the v-user website. 

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