How to Keep Your House Smelling Good With Pets

House Smelling Good With Pets

Everybody wants to be a cat—well, maybe not everyone. It has everything to do with pet odor and how to keep home pet odor-free.

There are ways you can learn how to keep house smelling good with pets. Pets are a lovely addition to people’s lives. The only unfortunate part is if they leave too much of a stench behind.

(Hey, we’d be saying the same thing if it was a human too.)

Here are some pet safe ways to make the room smell good. Take the advice for yourself or pass it on to a friend for how to stop house smelling of dog!

Vacuum Regularly

When you vacuum regularly, you are removing excess and shed pet hair from the floor.

In some more unpleasant cases, you may be vacuuming up dirt, dander, and other unpleasant things your pet unknowingly is carrying around.

This isn’t just the carpet. There are many other places you need to vacuum, such as:

  • carpets or rugs
  • all around and underneath furniture
  • pillows
  • anywhere your pet frequents

By vacuuming, you remove most of the source of the pet odor.

De-Odorize at Pet Accident Spots

Sometimes, our pets have accidents. For your home, this can cause an odor if you don’t clean it properly. What you need to do is properly absorb the odor, then de-odorize it.

Using a spray with enzymatic and neutralizing formulas will help you dig deep into the source of the odor. Scrub away to get your floor, blanket, or furniture looking good as new!

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Use an Air Purifier or Diffuser

Yet another fantastic way to get rid of odors is to mask them. With an air purifier, you have a constantly working machine to keep your air clean and pleasant to breathe in.

With a diffuser, you can add scents to help disguise the pet stench. Essential oil is diluted with water. You can opt into natural smells rather than your storebought Glade products. It will be better for your health too!

Just be cautious of what essential oils are not good for your pets.

Wipe Outdoor Pets’ Paws

When your pet comes inside from the outdoors, one great way you can eliminate pet odor is to wipe down their paws.

Even using something as simple as water can go a long way. Your pet won’t trek anything in if you take the time to clean their little feet!

Change the Litterbox Often

Sometimes, the worst pet odor comes from the litterbox they use. If you are not cleaning it on the regular, then you will smell it.

Try to avoid litters with scents in them: they are not effective in getting rid of the smell, only attempting to mask it. Besides, most cats or pets who use litterboxes don’t like the smell of litter with scents.

Take it upon yourself to change it frequently. Then, a few times a month, you should also wash the litterbox itself.

How to Keep House Smelling Good with Pets

Most of the ways of how to keep house smelling good with pets are to clean thoroughly. Use the tips above to learn how to get rid of pet odor in-house.

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