How to layer thermal clothing with your daily wardrobe?

How to layer thermal clothing with your daily wardrobe?

Don’t have thermal clothing yet? Go buy yourself a set right away! A travel net offers a wide range of thermal clothing for various activities, which will keep you warm and cozy. Thermal shirts, thermal vest, thermal shorts, thermal socks, are all designed to do one thing: keep your body warm and prevent you from getting cold, sweating and wearing wet clothes. The thermal clothing is worn as the first layer on the body, and above it are additional layers that are intended for heating and also allow for easy removal.

How to wear thermal clothing when you are hot and stay dry?

Thermal clothing – wear minimum and feel maximum heat

Thermal winter innerwear for mens is the best solution, which allows you to wear as few layers of clothing as possible and operate in most weather conditions. When hiking, skiing, cycling and other activities that take place in cold conditions, we have a problem.

On the one hand, the environment is cold and on the other hand the body warms up and secretes sweat. Evaporation of sweat from our body cools it, however if we wear a garment that will absorb the sweat and stay wet on its own it will cool our body for a long time and especially when we lower the intensity of activity (rest on a hike or on the cable car on a ski vacation).

On top of that, a wet shirt will prevent our coat from creating quality insulation and so we may, God forbid, cool down. The thermal clothing is designed to solve the problem and allow us to operate comfortably in cold conditions completely freely (literally the movement for the liberation of man and woman). There is a wide range of thermal clothing: thermal shirt, thermal pants, thermal tank top, and thermal socks even thermal hats.

How does thermal clothing work?

Thermal clothing is the first layer according to the “layering method”. According to the method, there are four layers of clothing. Each layer complements and adds to the layer underneath – from the tank top to the coat. Really feel like an onion, but not smell like it. Thermal clothing is worn directly on the body and is designed to both insulate and evaporate sweat. Thermal clothing is made of synthetic fabrics, woven from hollow fibres.

The hollow fibre traps the air and creates an insulation layer between the body and the environment. In addition, the hollow fibre causes a rapid spread of liquids and a wider surface area. In this way, the liquid evaporates quickly and the fabric stays dry. That way, we can end an intense day of activity and our clothes will stay dry because wet clothes and cold is not a combination of anything…

Above the winter thermals you can wear another layer of insulation and over it a coat. It is important to know that the layering method, which is based on thermal clothing, allows us to play with the layers, and such, but the option to take off and re-wear as needed. You can wear, for example, a thermal shirt and directly over it a ski jacket, raincoat or softshell. When it comes to a thermal shirt, you can only wear it.

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