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How to Make Incense?

Incense can be pleasing to visual and aesthetic senses too along with the obvious sense of smell. Incense not only can transform a place’s ambience but can also turn around a person’s mood and mental state. It’s often used in religious and spiritual activities and is also used while meditating sessions because of its calming and soothing properties. Incense can be burned in simple everyday containers or stylish specially designed burners like incense waterfall or dragon or stairway etc.

Incense has great beneficial use and can be bought easily. Even better, it can be made at house too with a few simple ingredients and steps. It is not a complicated and over the top procedure and can be attempted by any adult individual with a passion for fragrance.

First of all, you should gather the materials or ingredients that you are going to need in the process and then you can start making your simple homemade incense. The ingredients you are going to need are as follows.

  • 2 tbs of cinnamon powder or any other aromatic herbs
  • A coal piece
  • 2 tbs of gum arabic
  • 1 sandpaper piece
  • A few bamboo sticks
  • Vegetable oil
  • One bowl
  • Scissors

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How To Make Incense


Once you have got the ingredients managed and available, we will move on to the procedure.

  • First step is that you should sandpaper a substantial amount of coal until you have about 4 tbs of coal powder. Use gloves to avoid getting your hands and nails blackened.
  • You can leave this step out if you use cinnamon powder. If you use aromatic herbs, however, then you need to grind them till they make a fine powder. You can use lavender, rosemary, peppermint etc. for this.
  • Put the cinnamon powder or powdered herbs in the bowl and also pour the coal powder inside and mix it up with the help of bamboo sticks.
  • Now, add the arabic gum to this mixture and mix further so that you end up making a paste that has a play-doh like structure and is a bit sticky.
  • If you feel that the paste is too dry, you can add a couple drops of vegetable oil. And if you think it is thinner than the required level, you can add more cinnamon powder or powdered herbs to even it out until you have just the right thick paste with the right amount of sticky.
  • Now you have the incense prepared and you can make incense sticks and cones with or without the gloves since the mixture is not damaging to skin. For incense sticks, just put the paste on 3/4th of a 10-inch long bamboo stick or wire and leave 1/4th as the stick base to hold the stick from.
  • For incense cones, just mold the mixture in shape of little cones. Try to make thin cones as the thick ones do not tend to burn well. Make the base no more than an inch wide. The cones can be burned on incense waterfall or other backflow burners.
  • Let the incense dry for at least three days to a week. The longer you let it try, the better the incense will turn out.

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