How To Make Wood Rings

If you’re into woodworking, you’ve likely considered making your own ring at some point or another. After all, there’s something very satisfying about creating something from scratch. If that sounds like you, or if you want to try making a new kind of jewelry for yourself or a friend, then this guide will help you start making wood rings.

What materials will you need to make wood rings?

For your wood rings to look their best, you’ll need to use the right materials. Wood glue will hold the pieces together, and sandpaper will smooth out the surface, making everything smoother and easier on your hands. 

You can use a laser engraving tool to cut through the top layer of the wood so that you can write on it with ink or paint. If you have a wood-burning tool, this will work as well. Be sure not to get any burns before adding your favorite designs. Lastly, don’t forget about finishing.


Now that you’ve selected the right wood, it’s time to glue. You need to find food safe, paintable, and waterproof so it will not rot your ring.

Sanding tool

The next thing you need is a sanding tool. There are many different kinds of sanding tools, but some of the most popular include:

  • A sanding block works well for larger projects like bowls and cups.
  • Sanding paper is the same as regular sandpaper but comes on a roll or in sheets.
  • A sanding sponge is a sponge with a rough side that you can use to get into hard-to-reach areas.
  • A sanding stick, wheel, brush.

Laser engraver

A laser engraver is a tool that you can use to engrave wood. It is a tool that uses a laser to burn the wood and create an image, pattern, or design in the wood.


Finishing the rings is a crucial step in the process. Some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a finish:

  • Does it stain your skin? If so, you’ll want to find one that won’t. If not, go ahead and use any finish that is easy for you to apply and remove.
  • Is it safe for the environment? Many water-based finishes are toxic to humans and animals alike, so make sure your product is non-toxic before applying it.

What is the procedure for making wood rings?

Below is the procedure for making wood rings.

Cut the rings to size.

You can use a ruler to measure the length of your finger and mark it with a pen or pencil. Then, cut out your ring shape from the paper or cardstock. You will need to cut multiple rings for each one to fit on top of another, so make sure you have enough paper available for this step!

Glue the rings together.

You can also create a more intricate pattern by gluing the rings together in a way that makes sense.

Use sandpaper to create a smooth edge.

Next, you will want to use a sanding tool on a bench vise and some fine grit sandpaper. Use the first one in your set of three different grits and smooth out the ring’s edges using quick motions in all directions. Follow that with medium and coarse grit sandpapers until you have a smooth edge. Ensure that every last bit of wood is gone from inside your ring so it’s ready for mounting.

Use a laser engraver.

You can add custom designs and etch in a pattern or use a wood-burning tool. If you want something extra to your ring, use a laser engraver to add custom designs and carve. You can also use a wood-burning tool if you like the look of burnt wood.

Seal with the finish of your choice.

Once your ring is dry, seal it with a clear finish of your choice. Experts recommend using food-safe and waterproof finishes that are easy to clean and repair.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are ready to start your own wood rings. Remember that with a little time and patience, anything is possible.

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