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How To Plan A Perfect Disney-themed Party

Whether you’ve got a three years old kid or a 13, chances are there is a DISNEY character or movie that they’re or were in love with!  So, if you’re planning to throw a b’day party for them, why don’t you choose the Disney theme?

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it fabulous. We’ve got all kinds of ideas for hosting a Disney theme party on a budget.

Let’s take a tour on how to plan a Disney-themed party, shall we?

Decide On The Disney Character/ movie

The very first step is to decide whether you want the party to be based on a particular Disney character/ movie or on a Disney theme in general.

If you happen to choose the last option, there is a full canvas to play with. You can include multiple Disney characters—Mickey, Goofy, Elsa, Simba, etc.

On the other hand, choosing a particular Disney character will give you the opportunity to plan interesting activities to engage the kids.

As you can see, this is the basic step as everything will build up from here, including the location, decoration, gifts, and treats.


Disney-based invitations cards can be easily found in a lot of stores. If you have time,  you can even make personal invitations at home.

Use your kid’s photo dressed as a Disney character for the cover of the invitation. On the inside, include the party details. Include something your Disney theme related with each invitation such as Mickey Mouse ears, princess tiara, sticker, or a figurine.

Party Decor

You’ve set your theme, now it’s time to plan the party decorations. With a little bit of creativity and help from various decor supplies, you can create your own magic kingdom at home.


Every Disney character comes with a color theme. For instance, you could go for red, black, and white if you choose a ‘Mickey Mouse’ theme. On the other hand with the ‘Frozen’ theme, go for all pastel blue. Choose decoration pieces that come in these colors including balloons, ribbons, and the trims that you use for the party.

Make a fun photo corner

If you want to get over the top, DIY photo backdrops are a lot of fun. For a princess theme, you can make a castle from pink cardstock and tape it to the wall. You can also have life-size cut-outs with the face-hole for the kids to take pictures as their favorite Disney character.


Decorating a table is essential for any theme-based party. Find a bright table cloth that goes with your theme. Find some decorative pieces that match the theme to keep them on the table. Don’t overdo it as you will need room for the food.

Activities and Games


You can hire an entertainer to make the party amazing. They will thrill the kids with face tattoos, games, magic tricks, dancing, and much more. Not to mention, the hosts can take some rest and have fun along with kids.


Make some time for Disney-themed games. For instance, decorating Mickey Mouse shaped cupcakes is something that kids really love. For a princess theme, you can make fairy-shaped cookies, magic wand cookies, and even floral cookies that they can decorate. Plan a treasure hunt with clues related to a Disney movie.

Movie and Quite Time

Close off the afternoon by playing a Disney princess-related movie. It is perfect if your princess gang is tired after the crazy party.


Enchanted cake

Theme your cake to match your Disney party. If you’re really up for a challenge, you can make a Disney cake at home. Decorate some cupcakes with a princess at the top. If that’s too much for you, order online.

Fruity magic wand

Give each kid a fruity magic wand. Simply, put fruits on a stick and give them the shape of a wand. You can also add in some candies for bright colors.

Make Goodie Bags

The return gifts are the real crux of the whole event. You can buy stationery in the same color theme or look for toys that go with the movie or character you’ve chosen.

How about ordering a Disney subscription box for the closest buddies of the birthday child? Pack them up and put them in paper bags that go with the overall theme of the party.

The Final Words


You can even ask the kids to dress as the characters that match with the theme to make the party even more fun and interesting. This is just like bringing Disneyland straight to your home.

You can get as creative as you can for the young Disney lovers but make sure you do not overdo it. Keeping it simple is the real trick.

Do you have any more suggestions for a Disney-themed party? Don’t forget to share in the comment section.


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