How to Record Apex on PC? HD without lag

How to Record Apex Highlight Moments on PC?

Apex Legends is a multiplayer online shooting battle royale game where players can team up to play as heroes in a mode similar to PUBG. Apex, as a top 10 game on Steam for a long time, is deeply loved by players. There are also many live broadcasts and videos related to Apex. So I don’t want to live broadcast, but I want to record the highlight moment. What can I do? This article introduces some methods.

How to Record Apex No Lag On PC?

The most important thing for games is high picture quality and fluency. Some people even specially equip hardware such as expensive graphics cards and keyboards for smooth games. If you want to make high-light moments videos, you need to choose a good screen recorder. iTop Screen Recorder has 4k resolution, 60FPS rate, and professional technology allows you to record smoothly on PC

Some features of iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is not only free, but also has many functions, which can fully meet your daily recording needs, unlimited and no watermark.

The function points of recording Apex:

  1. iTop has a dedicated game mode
  2. Camera, screen synchronization recording, very suitable for recording game crowd
  3. Personalized watermark

Some parameters for recording Apex:

  1. 60 frames per second
  2. 4K resolution
  3. Add subtitles and stickers, filter functions
  4. Video editing function
  5. Support MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF
  6. One-click upload to Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, etc.

In addition to iTop Screen Recorder, Nvidia Share is also very suitable for game recording and is loved by the majority of gamers. Nvidia’s function is similar to iTop, but hesitant that its playback function allows players to better relive the highlights, so many players are accustomed to using this screen recorder.

However, Nvidia Share also has shortcomings. Due to the relatively high configuration of the software, its compatibility is not downward. It is necessary to purchase Nvidia graphics cards to use Nvidia Share, and Nvidia graphics cards are very expensive, and many players cannot accept this price.

Some features of Nvidia Shadow

  1. Replay the last 30 seconds of highlights
  2. Less functional restrictions
  3. High resolution and high quality

Is It Easier to Record Apex on Console?

With the angular development services of the times, game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch have been updated, and they also have game screen recorders inside. But as always, other functions that come with the machine are not so perfect, because the main business of these game consoles is not screen recording, so the functions and experience of these built-in screen recorders are still not as good as professional screen recorders. If you use the built-in screen recorder, the video quality and duration will be compressed

Therefore, if you want to get a better screen recording experience and record a better highlight moment video, it is recommended that you use a professional screen recorder


This article introduces three methods to record Apex, iTop screen recorder free windows 10 can be said to be an all-round screen recorder, not only Apex, any type of video can be recorded well. Although Nvidia is more suitable for recording Apex, the compatibility issues and cost performance are not high.

Overall, iTop is your best choice, download iTop and experience your Apex highlight moment!

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