During the lockdown, people were stuck at home with nowhere to go. As a result, electrical devices such as computers, fridges, and air conditioners were on throughout the day. For those working as freelancers, the scene is still the same after the lockdown period. If you carefully examine, you’ll see that the electric bill is way higher in the summer months because the air conditioning system runs all day long. Well, do not worry; follow these simple steps to actively cut down AC’s energy consumption and save a few bucks on your electric bills.

Set A Default Temperature: Statistics show that about 6% of electricity is saved for reducing one degree in temperature in your air conditioner. Therefore, be smart about your cooling requirements and choose a default setting that works best for you.

Turn Off The AC At Night: During the day, the temperature is generally hotter than the night; that is why, if you want to cut down on excess electrical budget, consider turning the system off at night. For example, you can open the windows and let the cool breeze come inside. Also, if you have big windows on the opposite walls, consider opening them so that the air may flow through your room.

Get The Heat Out: If your room is not cool enough, the air conditioner will take longer to lower the temperature; that means the system will consume more energy to produce the desired temperature. Therefore, be sure to cool down the room before turning on the AC.

  • Install thick curtains to block the sunlight coming into the room. The goal is to keep the room shady so that the air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • If you have electrical devices in the room such as TVs, computers, and more, consider turning them down. These devices produce heat, making it difficult for the room temperature to go down. A lamp in the corner of the room may look nice, but that machine generates heat, forcing the air conditioner to work hard to keep the temperature low.

Seal The Room: Before turning on the AC, shut the doors and the windows; it seems like a no-brainer. But at times, there are gaps in the windows allowing the cold air to flow out of the room. So carry out the necessary construction work that lets the windows keep seal shut. One might wonder, is it cheaper to leave the air on rather than turning the system off only to turn it back again? The answer is yes; choose a temperature setting that is not too cold so that you don’t have to turn off the AC after a while.

Keep The System Clean: Regular maintenance help cut down the excessive electric bills. If the machine is cleaned regularly, it can perform to its fullest ability. A dirty filter forces the device to work harder, consuming more energy to do the job. Therefore, the filter should be either cleaned once in a while or changed if need be.


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