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How To Select A Perfect Toy For Your New Puppy

dog toys for summer

So you have or are welcoming a puppy home and want to buy some toys for your new fur buddy. But as any novice pet parent, you must be confused and wondering what kind of toy should you get your new puppy. Dogs love to play, whether with other dogs, their owner or sometimes alone, especially when they are tiny little puppies. So, if you want to save valuables and furniture at your home, you must be ready with some great toys for your puppy to play with. But choosing a perfect toy can be challenging, and we’ll help you pick the right one.

Select According to the Age

The first and foremost aspect to consider cute puppy before buying a new toy for your dog is its age. As dogs start growing and getting old, the type of toys that interest them changes. As a dog parent, you must notify such changes and buy the toys accordingly. A three-week-old puppy still has baby teeth and, rubber toys would be a perfect fit for that age. Similarly, your dog will be teething between the age of three to nine months, and it’s better to avoid hard rubber and get some chew toys during this phase.
Also, if you wish to keep your favorite shoes in order, buy your puppy some new toys since they tend to chew on almost anything during the teething phase. Your cute little puppy will have a stiff jaw and energy to play with hard rubber toys and games like fetch. It is probably the best time to buy dog toys for summer and take your dog outdoors for some playtime. 

Consider the Size of the Toys

The toys you choose must be appropriate to the breed, size, and age of your puppy. For instance, even a grown-up Yorkshire Terrier may not chew like German Shephard and require softer and smaller toys. If the toy you choose is too large for your puppy, it probably won’t play with it. Similarly, smaller toys can be a choking hazard for large dogs. So, the size of the toy must be appropriate. 

The texture and material of the toy also play a crucial role. For instance, a soft rubber toy may break and become small pieces your puppy might ingest or choke on. So, always avoid toys that may be too easy for your puppy to chew and break. If you notice any tear or damage on the existing toys, it may be a good idea to replace them and save your fur buddy from gastrointestinal blockages.

Choose Squeaky Toys Only if your Dog is Gentle

The soft and squeaky toys are cute, and almost all dogs love to play with them. But you must also note that they are suitable only for gentle dogs that don’t bite, chew, and rip apart their plush toys. The problem with curious and aggressive dogs is that they want to get to the bottom of the toy and find the squeaky object by following the sound. They might chew vigorously, rip it apart, which increases the risk of accidental ingestion and choking. In such cases, it’s better to give them their squeaky toys only under supervision when you’re around. That way, your puppy can have fun with the toy, and if things go south, you can always be present to avoid any choking hazard. But on the contrary, if your dog is gentle and does not rip apart the toys, squeaky toys may keep them occupied for a long time.

Treat and Puzzle Toys are Dog’s Best Friends

If you’re still confused about picking the perfect toy for your canine, then look for treat toys and puzzle toys. Treat toys are dog toys with broken-up treats in them. The best part is that your puppy can enjoy their delicious treats only in small quantities and by chewing steadily. 

That’s the reason your puppy may stay focussed, occupied, and patient while playing with treat toys. No dog will say no to yummy treats, and what better way to let them find treats on their own? If you think your canine is super intelligent and want to give them a challenging puzzle, go for puzzle treat toys. Your dog or puppy must find their way to the treat hidden inside the toy’s compartments. Your puppy might stay busy for hours, and these types of toys may be an ideal choice for dogs that get bored easily. 

Avoid Rawhide-type Dog Toys

Novice pet parents must know that Rawhide-type dog toys can be hazardous to your dog. Some of the reasons you must avoid rawhide include choking, intestinal blockage, increased risk of contamination, and digestive distress.



Final Thoughts

Those were some of the tips that may help you select the perfect toy for your new puppy. Dog toys are a unique way to train your dogs and keep them occupied. However, you must consider the abovementioned factors, like its size, breed, and age, while picking one. Once you have bought a few dog toys, it’s better to keep rotating them so your puppy won’t get bored and curious about the toys. However, if your dog has an all-time favorite soft toy, it’s better to leave it out at all times. You might experience the aggressive side of your dog if you fail to do so.



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