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How to Sell Surplus Lab Equipment through Online Auctions

The various tools and equipment used by scientists working in laboratories, and by other researchers, are called lab equipments. These include pipettes, scales, centrifuges, Bunsen burners, freezers, hot plates, incubators, coolers, stirrers, fume hoods etc. They are crucial for scientific experimentation, in medicine related research work, for lab based innovations, and in many biomedical and physical laboratories. Each of these equipments, after some time of use, become surplus, as they complete a set duration of prescribed usage, or when a new and advanced version of the equipment starts to be available in the market. 

In such a scenario, the surplus lab equipment can be sold by the owner of the equipment through online auctions. Credible online industrial surplus auctions are a good accessory and business partner in such sales and can help in promoting the available lab equipment stock for sale and also find good buyers for them.  

For selling the equipment online one can follow certain steps for successful outcomes: 

  • The first step is to make an account on an online site and create a unique page for one’s lab equipments
  • Then one can select the subscription billing method and confirm one’s account details. Giving a name to the page for easy navigation can also be done
  • The next step is to connect with payment gateways for selling the actual equipment 
  • Once the above steps are complete, one can add the details of the lab equipments that are to be sold. This can include actual photos, descriptions, and dimensions, number of years of previous usage, condition and probable number of years for which the equipment can still be used.    
  • One can then add the sales plans for down payments or easy monthly instalments (EMIs) based purchases as the case may be. Here one can also add the brand and quality of the equipment to justify the sales price
  • Finally the page can be promoted to potential buyers with the date of the sale and the timing for, along with the name and contact number of the person coordinating the equipment sale
  • Finally, the product features, warranty, and after sales service details if provided on the page will also attract more buyers for the equipments. Here one should specify a list of everything included – accessories, parts, consumables, software licences, and the digital key if it is a part of the equipment.  
  • As these are lab equipments their calibrations and other specifications are very important to be told on the industrial surplus auction site since their usage involves some precise research work, and can make a positive or negative impact based on a correct or an incorrect calibration for a certain process.  
  • While selling the seller can also take into consideration the tax implications of the sale and price the equipments accordingly. 

Beyond these, one way to sell successfully is to answer all queries of the potential buyers to their satisfaction and to be approachable and contactable for complaint resolution if needed. This will increase the credibility of the seller and bring him repeat customers for future sales. One can also have an expert available to demonstrate the use of the lab equipment and showcase how to use it for maximum output. In such sales, the seller can sell directly to the user of the equipment, or to a reseller who will further sell it to the labs that are happy to buy such equipment. Selling the surplus lab equipment ensures that its full working potential is utilized and it brings gains to the seller and is a reasonable buy for the buyer.

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